Huge Project in the Works!

I have been out of pocket a lot this week at meetings — I just inked the deal on a huge new project. Details will be forthcoming soon, but I am very jazzed about it.

Hint: It involves Bear Stearns . . .

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  1. Jonathan commented on May 2

    You didn’t buy Bear Stearns’ building did you?

  2. Didn’t I Tell You to Cover ASAP commented on May 2

    What was the point to make this post without providing the details?

    Did you lose a lot of money betting against us and hoping for JPM to bail you out like Bear Stearns?

  3. Josh commented on May 2

    Johnathan, you posted my thoughts exactly. Now I just wonder if he paid $2 or $10…

  4. philboyd commented on May 2


    Where do I send my resume?

  5. mo commented on May 2

    What Jonathan & Josh said

  6. Dervin commented on May 2

    If you need an IT guy who can get the mac to work in the enterprise, I’m your man.

  7. simon commented on May 2

    Does this mean more Friday night jazz?

    Or maybe some new talent wrote a great song about life on wall street after Bear Sterns. Say shouldn’t that be a Blues song?

    I want to hear a good cover of the sub prime bankers version of Bohemian Rhapsody.

  8. Old Ari commented on May 4

    If possible, don’t use your own money.

  9. Bob Abouey commented on May 4

    My guess is a book on Bear Stearns, using Bear Stearns as the linchpin for the broader credit debacle.

    If so, should be a great read.

  10. Cj commented on May 4

    Ok… So you are working with Bear Stearns To Buyout Yahoo With Fed Money and then Flip Them To Mr. Softie for a finders fee…?

    Goldilocks… :-)

  11. zell commented on May 4

    What Jonathan,Josh, and MO said!

  12. B.B. commented on May 4

    backseat shotgun! Ross always beats me. That damn guy, I get the feeling he’s been around ahwile?

  13. John Borchers commented on May 4

    Has anyone noticed how banks are all strapped to each other?

    Citigroup owns Yahoo (yikes)
    C is owned by Morgan Stanley.
    JPM is owned by GS and LM.
    LEH is owned by DB and BAC.

    Wanna talk about going out in a boat and strapping a rock to yourself and trying to swim. This has got to be the biggest blunder I’ve ever seen. If you are a finance company why in the hell would you strap yourself to many other finance companies?

    If banking stocks don’t recover they will all go down together!

  14. sonny commented on May 4

    good. Erv, digits; john, those cross-default loans and MBS swaps come in handy. heck, the fed even opened the window for yahoo.

  15. Francois commented on May 4

    JPM hired you to create a new division called the Worldwide Trade Funneling a.k.a. WTF department.

    They surely need some of that.

  16. Winston Munn commented on May 4


    You’re the new Fed Chairman?

  17. Mich(^IXIC1881) commented on May 4

    “…but I am very jazzed about it.
    Hint: It involves Bear Stearns ”

    Barry, will you be organizing Friday Night Jazz events at the Bear Stearns to boost the employee morale?

    Tough project! Godspeed

  18. mock turtle commented on May 5

    i know what it is

    JPM chase is spinning off a subsidiary called Bear Sterns casino inc.

    the new sub is going to open a market for trading and betting on the value of Credit Default Swaps, the action will be broadcast live on TV and Mr. Ritholz will be the MC

  19. Chris Noyes commented on May 5

    Bear will you settle for 2 bucks ?

  20. SUZY commented on May 5


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