Fun With Wordle

Fun little Java applet that let’s you create a word cloud based on any text (including a blog post).

I did 3:

1) Our earlier discussion on Sentiment:


2) Last months Guide for NYC Tourists:

3) A full four years worth of Real Estate & Housing related posts:


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  1. daveNYC commented on Jun 17

    That last one has HTTP, Trackback, Digg, and Permalink. Meh.

  2. Carl Wied commented on Jun 18

    Cool! Can you post a link to the java applet?

  3. constantnormal commented on Jun 18

    daveNYC — doesn’t that simply show the truth behind Marshall McLuhan’s “the medium is the message”?

    That’s what struck me about it, anyway — about the best example of that meme I’ve seen.

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