Only a Minor Slowdown . . .



Tom Toles via WaPo


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  1. super-anon commented on Jun 19

    Haha. Even the comic writers know that the Fed has simply blown another bubble.

  2. Big E commented on Jun 19

    Is it just me or is this Fed completely laughable? First, they started talking tough on inflation. Then the markets start reacting to that tough talk. Now the Fed say (basically), “No wait guys, we were JUST kidding!”

    I guess it just goes to show what a difficult spot the Fed is in..

  3. michange commented on Jun 19

    In may and june, the volume of trading in financials is very high, while the value descent keeps steadily mild/quiet since BSC went down :

    What would this volume takeoff mean?

  4. wilson commented on Jun 19

    Toles is genius.

  5. DL commented on Jun 20

    Gold looks ready for a resurgence.

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