Pensions & Investments: Ranking the blogs


Editors give ‘The Big Picture’ first-place honors in competition for Internet’s best financial postings



Wow! Absurdly nice things from the Editors of Pensions&Investments, who in an obvious attempt to drive sales lower, put my frightening mug on the cover of this bi-week’s magazine.

Apparently, this print edition and daily email newsletter held a competition of sorts, looking at all manners of financial and market blogs.

Their comments were kind and generous and all too complimentary:

"The site was one judge’s idea of “what a blog should be.” “Not boring. One of the best I’ve seen,” one judge wrote. “Sharp, fresh commentary … great stuff,” another said.

I am humbled by their words, and it is an honor to be mentioned in the company of all of the blogs selected by P&I. 

Here are P&I’s rankings in their competition:

The Big Picture (Gold)

Infectious Greed (Silver)

DealBreaker (Bronze)

WSJ MarketBeat

Seeking Alpha

PE Hub

Nouriel Roubini’s Global EconoMonitor

All About Alpha

FT Alphaville

Pension Risk Matters


Naked Shorts

There are many many other worthy blogs that were omitted, as you can see in my blog roll — as well as those I ran out of room for! 

Congrats to all.



Ranking the blogs
Editors give ‘The Big Picture’ first-place honors in competition for Internet’s best financial postings
Drew Carter
P&I, June 9, 2008, 6:01 AM EST

Pensions & Investments’ Best Blogs and how they got that way
Thao Hua
P&I,  June 9, 2008, 6:01 AM EST

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  1. Jim Haygood commented on Jun 11

    OMG — let’s hope the magazine cover contrarian sell signal isn’t tolling for The Big Picture.

    Oh wait, that only happens when you make the cover of TIME magazine. Then your career is truly over.

    So, congratulations.

  2. Paul Krugman commented on Jun 11

    My quote is: “Whom the gods would destroy, they first put on the cover of Business Week.”

  3. stuart commented on Jun 11

    Not surprised at all. Kudos to you and all involved.

  4. tim commented on Jun 11

    “Sharp fresh commentary” apparently means to post graphs and make a snarky comment about how bad things are.


  5. Mark W commented on Jun 11

    Congrats, well earned. You and Mish are my prime sources of news on “When Economy’s Go Bad”.

  6. Paul Griffith commented on Jun 11

    Congratulations – others discover what we already know ( nod and a wink ).

  7. michael schumacher commented on Jun 11

    Yes Timmy the truth does hurt….”snarky” or not… it’s still reality.

    How’s those TIPS bonds mate???

    Sorry Larry K can’t be all places at all times.


  8. David Merkel commented on Jun 11

    Congratulations, Barry. Well done.

  9. John commented on Jun 11

    Congrats BR. Yours really is a daily must look for me. You have some great regular posters too that have taught me things. Congrats again. But I do long for you to punch Kudlows head in!

  10. BustaMove commented on Jun 11

    Congrats and well deserved.

  11. Vermont Trader commented on Jun 11

    Nice. Blogs like yours are the future of the financial media.

    In a world of dumbed down financial media bullshit; blogs are where important issues are discussed in a way that can add value.

    Thanks for all the work you do!

  12. andy c commented on Jun 11

    Long-time reader, first-time poster. Richly deserved honor, Barry. TBP is a must-read, for the insight as well as the snarkiness! Keep up the great work.

  13. Eddy Elfenbein commented on Jun 11

    Congratulations! That’s a great write-up.

  14. Moe Gamble commented on Jun 11

    Congrats, Barry. You deserve it.

  15. Tom F. commented on Jun 11

    It is a good blog, Barry. I also second what John posted at 1:01 about Kudlow.

  16. colder commented on Jun 11

    Intelligence wins again! Woo hoo!

    Nicely done, Barry.

  17. Ritchie commented on Jun 11

    In a world gone monetarily mad… ONE man will… tell the truth. Yeah, you deserve it.

  18. speculator commented on Jun 11

    Good Job. I also think you have the best financial blog on the net. Some day I hope my blog will be as great as Barry’s. He sets a high standard.

  19. Jack commented on Jun 11

    Congrats…now keep it up!

  20. Marco commented on Jun 11


    Congratulations! And well deserved. I know that you’re one of my first “blog stops” every morning for inciteful commentary and solid fact-based analysis.


  21. JS commented on Jun 11

    I thoroughly enjoy the blog but might this be a contrary indicatory?
    The BP starts receiving awards and increased traffic and the quality goes to hell.

  22. me commented on Jun 11

    Great congrats BR, well deserved.

  23. Jay commented on Jun 11

    Way to go Barry, great blog.

  24. SINGER commented on Jun 11

    Congrats! That and a MetroCard will get you on the Subway…

  25. brasil commented on Jun 11

    congrats..nice work..thanks

  26. daveNYC commented on Jun 11

    Nice job. Not sure what Dealbreaker is doing in there though. It’s entertaining, but it’s also a completely different critter than the other blogs listed.

  27. Bruce commented on Jun 11

    But doesn’t your mom own Pensions and Investments?….Well, even if she does she made a good choice…

    bruce in tennessee

  28. cinefoz commented on Jun 11

    You deserve a victory lap and a free pass to be an obnoxious smart ass towards a deserving soul at any time of your choosing. Just show them your cover if they whine about your attitude and ask them to show you their’s. If they pout that they don’t have a cover, just respond “Damn Right you don’t”.


  29. Daniel Kwiat commented on Jun 11


    Your blog is terrific. I often wonder how you manage to create so many interesting posts daily.

    I have a question: what is your opinion of Cramer’s lambasting the Fed for mentioning inflation and, supposedly, shifting its focus from inflation? To me this kind of populist pressure is a bit frightening–but the real problem with it is that it is wrong. We don’t know what the results would have been if the Fed hadn’t dropped its target rate; but we know that the Fed cuts create negative real interest rates in the States and in countries with currencies pegged to the dollar, and that oil and food costs are affecting account balances and currencies in emerging markets where the world’s poorest people live.

  30. Alaskan Pete commented on Jun 11

    Hahaha, the pic looks like a candidate for a deodorant commercial. “Raise your hand if you’re Sure”.

    Just imagine, a commercial break during the NBA Finals (go Celtics!):

    Setting: Dreamy meadow, golden light, a slight breeze.

    Fresh Faced Tweener: Barry, do you ever get that not-so-fresh feeling?

    BR: Not anymore. Ever since I started using “Money Pits” deodorant I’m fresh as a daisy.

    Tweener: Money Pits?

    Scene changes to show frantic Chicago pit traders.

    BR: That’s right, Money Pits. It’s specially designed for the extreme armpit odor of traders in the grains and meats pits. You can’t afford to trade without it!

    Tweener: Gee, thanks Mr. Ritholtz!

    Congrats on the award.

  31. Our man in Helsinki commented on Jun 11

    Congratulations, Barry! You are a hard working man. You really deserved the price.

  32. AndrewBW commented on Jun 11

    I knew there was a reason I kept reading this blog …

  33. Katie commented on Jun 11


    you deserve it!

  34. Bob A commented on Jun 11

    Perhaps one day ‘Reality based commentary’ will be commonplace, but today this is one of the few places to get it. Well deserved notice.

  35. blin commented on Jun 11

    Congrats. Now don’t let up just because you won a prize!

  36. Steve Barry commented on Jun 11

    One more butt pat…great job Barry!!!

    Anybody see the Merrill Analyst who put a buy on Lehman last week, downgraded to neutral today? After the stock dropped 10%?? Great call Guy Moszkowski. Good blog entry for you Barry.

  37. Michael commented on Jun 11

    Congratulations. Please continue your good work!

  38. Mike in NOLA commented on Jun 11

    What! No mentions of the super intelligent readers who leave such insightful comments? :)

    Congratulations anyway. I agree with their assessment.

  39. Mark E Hoffer commented on Jun 11

    Good to see that there are some functioning marketplaces left!

    To add on, They, P&I, are quite correct to give you the Gold. You truly are the standard that others should be compared to..

    To their list, I’d add:,, and

  40. BG commented on Jun 11

    Congratulations, Barry on a great Blogsite!

    Keep up the great work!

    Good Deal, Dude!

  41. Pool Shark commented on Jun 11

    Well done, and well-earned Barry!

  42. VennData commented on Jun 11


    And double grat on that Lehman call which saved people who followed it a bundle. Of course there were nay-sayers… which are the opposite – sort of – of ‘say yee-ers.’

    …everbody say yee!

    In related news, Maurice “Hank” Greenberg’s down 20% on his LEH call in a couple days.

    Good thing AIG tossed him, is he going to become a good reverse indicator?

  43. MarkTX commented on Jun 11



    Stay thirsty my friend!!!!!

  44. zell commented on Jun 11

    Thanks for all your work. You’re a man of “uncommon common sense.” Congratulations!

  45. bdg123 commented on Jun 11

    Well deserved. Congratulations. (I will say some of those other people on the top ten list must have blown someone because most don’t even register.)

  46. Mich(^IXIC1881) commented on Jun 11

    Hmm, according to the write up 2 out of 5 readers apparently are managing >$1M..

    Let’s see,
    – I don’t manage >$1M
    – michael schumacher is busy driving cars
    – cinefoz is all cash which means he can’t be managing other people’s money

    That means, Marcus Aurelius and wunsacon must be the ones.

    …btw, congrats Barry, well deserved indeed

  47. RN commented on Jun 11

    I just LOVE the irony!!!!!!

    The man who lives by the magazine cover as the foreteller of doom…


    You just couldn’t make this stuff up. :)

  48. Edith Orenstein, FEI commented on Jun 11

    Barry, congrats on your award, I just learned of your blog today searching for blog coverage of FASB’s deliberations on amending FIN 46R and FAS 140 including the elimination of QSPEs, I cover the subject from time to time in our blog and was looking for other commentary. I noted in your post in January, you were concerned about SEC’s request of FASB to modify its stds, has your position changed since then, even FASB chairman Bob Herz has said a couple of times that with hindsight the ‘passive’ assumptions of Q’s couldn’t hold up, especially in a market no one foresaw that would require some level of active management to modify loans to forestall foreclosures. Congrats again on your blog being named #1 by P&I.

  49. Risk Averse Alert commented on Jun 11

    Congratulations. I have only recently discovered your blog, but have always enjoyed watching you give grief to CNBC Propaganda Minister, Herr Kudlow.

  50. Elizabeth Tool commented on Jun 12

    Congratulations!!! Of course you’re at the top! I read your blog every day in the morning and at night so my poor little brain doesn’t overload. You are a voice of honesty, reason, and sanity in a world increasingly lacking such attributes. You add just the right amount of humor to a serious subject so even I can read it daily.
    I’m so much better informed now.