Federal Reserve RSS Feed

Look how the latest web participant is in RSS Syndication — the Federal Reserve. You can now capture all of their data feeds with out ever going to Federalreserve.gov.


Federal Reserve RSS Feed

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  1. judyo commented on Jul 7

    Just saw a comment from you on The Cunning Realist. Along with The Big Picture, it’s one of my favorites.

  2. Simon commented on Jul 7

    My other favorite site is the cunning linguist.

  3. Jim Grapes commented on Jul 7

    Every mortgage broker and loan officer will be signing up for this.

  4. pauline commented on Jul 16

    We have had a deposit account with National City bank in Buffalo Grove Illinois for longer than I can remember. We recently noticed that our deposits were not showing up until long after we deposited the funds. We have a small vending machine business and almost everything we make (cash) goes into the same savings account at National. The deposits have been showing up as late as 30 days after the deposit. The account has a substantial amount of money in it but we don’t need it for anything, so we have not been worried. However, my husband called National City to find out why the deposits were taking so long to post. They explained that the bank was having some issue and going through some changes and it is a temporary problem. This frightened us, so we started reading about National City on the web. We began to realize that National City Bank is in danger of bankruptcy and if not bought will fail. We also found out that their FDIC coverage may not cover all of our deposits, in all of our accounts. We decided to remove all our money and equity loan to a bank other than National City. Closing our equity line with them was easy because it had a zero balance. we simply opened a new line at Chase and closed the National City line. However, moving our savings and other accounts turned out to be very difficult. We wanted to get a certified check for the funds, so we set up an appointment with National City to do. We went in for our appointment only to find out that the bank could not cover our withdrawal. We were told that the bank was having some small and temporary solvency issues and we would be notified when they could either transfer funds or give us a check. I asked if there was any sort of a problem with our account or had we done something wrong. They politely told us they only wished they had more customers like us. However, it has been almost a month and they have not produced our funds. We have started now working with the Attorney General in Illinois to try to recover our retirement savings. It is apparent that National City is going bankrupt and unless they are bought or bailed out we cannot get our money. We are scared to death that National City will loose both our retirement and the money set up in trust for our mentally handicapped adult child. Does anyone have any advice?!

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