Flash Video Coming to Bloomberg.com ?

A quick FYI: 

Via a Feedback Ticket from Bloomberg Media

In response to the question: "Why is it that your embedded player has no sound when I play on my Mac OS X?"

Bloomberg Feedback Team:  There are compatibility issues with newer Macs. We hope to convert to Flash player in the future.

Now, is this the near future or 20012

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  1. Mike in Nola commented on Jun 30

    You need to get a mainstream machine :)

    Signed up for the new Jesus phone yet? Looks pretty cool.

  2. igor commented on Jul 2

    What’s Bloomberg’s problem?

    I complained about this problem maybe two years ago. Surely, they can’t pretend they weren’t aware of the problem. And, how hard can it be to find a compatible codec anyway?

  3. Carmen commented on Jul 2

    Hope is not a plan.

  4. Tom F. commented on Jul 2

    This is off topic. Anybody have a clue for wtf went on in the oil/oil-service sectors today? It’s been a while since I’ve seen unmitigated carnage like that. Everything got the shit kicked out of it.

  5. Greg0658 commented on Jul 2

    back to Flash9.24 by Adode –
    are they keeping back doors shut for all operating systems? ie: 98se, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Mac ops_x, Linux_x?

  6. Greg0658 commented on Jul 2

    spell fix Adobe
    back to Flash9.24 by Adobe –
    are they keeping back doors shut for all operating systems? ie: 98se, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Mac ops_x, Linux_x?

  7. Peter commented on Jul 2

    Bloomberg TV is crap anyway, just an ego trip for Mayor Mike ….. who would want to watch it?

  8. igor commented on Jul 2

    Carmen – it’s my uninformed opinion that rumors and unsourced news stories about Israel attacking Iran caused the spike.

  9. muckdog commented on Jul 2

    Which is better than “flasher video” coming to Bloomberg. Agreed?

  10. anonymouse commented on Jul 2

    Back when I served the Bloomberg Reich, Mike looked at the intertubes as either hype or a disruptive technology that might mess with his very profitable cash cow. It was where we exiled ineffective but loyal managers and everything technical was under the thumb of some guys from NJIT, so it’s no surprise that they’re not exactly at the cutting edge.

  11. Bruce in Tennessee commented on Jul 2

    Tom F.

    It wasn’t just oil, companies like Arch Coal and many others got hammered today too…I think the employment number and the fact that many longs in the energy market realize we may be looking at a severe worldwide slowdown got everyone’s attention today…and people who have made money with this bet, probably took some of the money off the table today…just because the price of oil rallied, that doesn’t mean that a sure ’nuff slowdown may be just around the corner…

  12. attilahooper commented on Jul 2

    all your codecs are belong to me ! lol !!!!

  13. s0mebody commented on Jul 2


    Still confident in your trading bottom call going into the employment # tomorrow?

  14. ostiguy commented on Jul 2

    If you paste the mms: link into windows media player 9 for the mac, you should get audio with the video.

  15. Tom F. commented on Jul 2


    I was trying to find out if anyone was aware of something out of the ordinary. I sure couldn’t find anything. Regarding your last comment, a lot of the oil stocks haven’t kept pace with the commodity for several months now. In fact, a lot of them look like they’ve had “For Sale” signs stuck on them since the Janaury low.

  16. ideogenetic commented on Jul 2

    There’s the rub, ostiguy. Some Mac users don’t enjoy corrupting their Macs with Windows software.
    I migrated from Windows to get away from buggy software hell. But you can’t stop creeping proprietary monopolies (the .asf format).
    Bloomberg seems to be Windows media cronies. They’re probably waiting for their contract to expire.

  17. Mike in Nola commented on Jul 3

    As long as we’re complaining, I have reported to them a couple of months ago that that the US video and audio streams are often noticeably out of sync while the UK is not. No answer.

  18. Kris Tuttle commented on Jul 3

    Lots of these financial sites and services keep ignoring Mac. It’s a pain. But there is plenty of choice out there, I don’t need bloomberg TV that’s for sure.

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