Gone Fishin!



I am outta here, off to the big Kansas City Shadow Fed/Maine Fishing Trip. 

Last year’s trip was a blast, and you can see some of the photos and discussions here: Kansas City Shadow Fed / Maine Fishing Trip Recap. Barron’s carried some of the details in Placid Times Ahead?

I understand some interesting guests are going to show — Paul McCulley, Steve Liesman, and others. I have my camera, and I will run plenty of snaps.

I have a bunch of posts set to launch, and I expect to comment tomorrow on NFP data.


Kansas City Shadow Fed / Maine Fishing Trip Recap (July 24, 2007)

Placid Times Ahead?
Barrons  AUGUST 6, 2007

Placid Times Ahead? PDF

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  1. CNBC Sucks commented on Jul 31

    Have a great time, tell McCulley Schumpeter kicks Keynes’ behind for me.

  2. Pat G. commented on Jul 31

    Get a new camera! :+)

  3. Pat G. commented on Jul 31

    Get a new camera! :+)

  4. John commented on Jul 31

    To my house at the cape tomorrow. And try to stop the whining. It’s all a mental recession.

  5. GB commented on Jul 31

    I’m glad to hear you like fishing BR. Remember as the saying goes. The worst day fishing is better than the best day at the office. Well unless you shorted MER at $50 I guess…

    Don’t come back too bullish now…

  6. grumpyoldvet commented on Jul 31

    Fishing????What guy from New Yawk knows how to fish except at a restaurant or fish market. C’mon tell the truth you’re goin’ to Branson, Mo for a lookee-see what all the rubes (er non-New Yawkers) find so fascinating. :-)

  7. PeterR commented on Jul 31

    Have a great trip.

    Thanks for a great site.

    What’s that joke about fishing?

    The wife says, “If you go fishing again, I am going to leave you.”

    He replies, “Gosh, I am going to miss you!”

    Have a great time.


  8. Chuck commented on Jul 31

    Best post yet!

    I expected to see more market commentary and saw a very peaceful picture instead.

    We have to remind ourselves that there is life beyond the markets sometimes.

    Really enjoy your work and insight on the markets.

  9. Noah commented on Jul 31

    ugh that is gorgeous. Enjoy Barry!

  10. Mike M commented on Jul 31

    Give Paul McCulley a copy of Human Action. Send me the bill.

  11. Pete commented on Jul 31

    “David and I started an interesting side bet on the price of oil — over/under $66 — which attracted a lot of attention, and quite a few participants.”

    What was the bet?

  12. RK commented on Jul 31

    With 5.1% inflation, a 19″ 2007 bass should have grown to about 20″. Hope you catch him (her?) again.

  13. CaptiousNut commented on Jul 31

    Okay, I just read the link from last year’s outing. This line stood out:

    The Fed – Likely to be on hold for the foreseeable future. The inside line is that Bernanke is a much bigger inflation hawk than Greenspan ever was.

    Oops! Thank you *experts*.

  14. MitchN commented on Jul 31


    Have a great time, BR.

  15. Mark E Hoffer commented on Jul 31

    Give Paul McCulley a copy of Human Action. Send me the bill.

    Posted by: Mike M | Jul 31, 2008 7:26:24 PM


    think of making this a trend while you’re hooking-up ;)

  16. Steve Barry commented on Jul 31

    Enjoy the trip. Ask Liesman for me what he thinks of CNBC’s new campaign to give Cramer credit for foreseeing the Credit Crunch first last year and being the first to call the bottom now. Only problem is, what does he do when this is NOT the bottom?

  17. bluestatedon commented on Jul 31

    Does the BLS birth/death model apply to fish populations? If so, you’re in for a productive session. Hoist a scotch for all of us.

  18. Matt Rafat commented on Jul 31

    Have a wonderful time, Barry. It’s refreshing to see someone who seems to prefer fishing over golf.

  19. Randy in Florida commented on Aug 1

    too funny…was taken by the pics from last year and forgot that it was 2007 when i read the market forecasts….why bother going….just reprint those…maybe they’ll come true this year…

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