Inflation/Recession Alligator

Now if we can only figure out how to add the credit crunch to this . . .



via NYT

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  1. RedRiver commented on Jul 15

    Cracking ice underneath his feet?
    Bird Droppings from above?
    Big Twister approaching “unseen” from behind?

  2. Jim Haygood commented on Jul 15

    The cartoon is accurate, in that Ben has only one stick (the Fed Funds rate) and two alligators (sagging growth and runaway inflation) to fend off.

    Ben … you is gator meat, BOY.

  3. Jeff B commented on Jul 15

    Recession includes the credit crunch…or Recession could be labeled Deflation.

    And we all know what the political sphere will choose.

  4. KnotRP commented on Jul 15

    It’s obvious….beat the recession alligator senseless with the cheap dollar stick, then feed the recession to the inflation alligator.

  5. KnotRP commented on Jul 15

    But don’t break the stick…you’ll need something to combat the remaining alligator.

  6. Sanderson commented on Jul 15

    The credit crunch would be the bus with no brakes rolling downhill behind him…

  7. Short Man commented on Jul 15

    Everything in the picture should be under the foreboding shadow of the Brontosaurus Deflationary foot.

  8. pft commented on Jul 15

    A credit crunch in a recession always leads to great depression and deflation (unless monopoly and cartel pricing market mechanisms are in play). Just show the them being sucked down a whirlpool along with the USD, and an IMF world currency being dropped from helicopters from above (with strings attached – ie, good bye ss and medicare or no IMF credit).

  9. Sherman McCoy commented on Jul 15

    Bad news Barry… SEC Chairman Christopher Cox just issued a rule that says that you can’t add the credit crunch to the cartoon. Sorry.

  10. SR commented on Jul 15

    Opps…my sincere apologies for double posts.

    Pleading out with Mea Culpa/Nolo Contrendere

  11. Chief Tomahawk commented on Jul 15

    I offer up the terminology of convergence for the three crocs…

    (hope these are vegetarian crocs though…)

  12. leftback commented on Jul 15

    The deflation T Rex is about to eat the oil bulls.

    Memo to the oil bulls and especially to Johnny No-Ideas Pension Fund Manager : your cynical attempt to chase yield at the expense of everyday people shivering in their homes this winter is about to have a meltdown.

    Did you have a nice day? Can you imagine what is going to happen if the Fed tightens?? Or if there is a nice big inventory build in crude and no hurricanes? Then the only atmospheric disturbance is going to be in your pants Charlie…

    Someone opined a few days ago that “you are just not going to come in one morning and find oil down $20 or $30.. ” are you sure about that? Nigerian rebels are not going to save your ass. Paul Krugman is not going to save your ass, he doesn’t understand the market.

    A lot of your coin is in my pocket this evening and there is plenty of room for more. Have you ever seen what happens when a normally thinly traded futures market becomes swamped with long-only positions that then evaporate leaving you holding the bag?

    Look and learn, children….. all bubbles pop. ALL OF THEM.

  13. ell commented on Jul 15

    There are two alligators in this time of economic difficulty; the prior time of economic difficulty only had one. By the BLS methodology, we must use hedonics to adjust for this increase and thus there is only one alligator.

  14. Mongo commented on Jul 15

    Simple: The Little Man needs to be up to his knees in quicksand.

  15. VennData commented on Jul 15

    I wonder how Chris Cox’s zany no-short rule will effect those double short ETF’s in the morning… Ahhh… who cares?

    The “Free market” party… yeah…

  16. Steve Barry commented on Jul 15


    I don’t think this will affect QID, aside from a knee-jerk opening rally in QQQQ. ProShares does not short stocks to create QID…they use options. Things to look at on sentiment are total market put/calls, QQQQ short interest and Commitment of Traders Report. The 10 day MA on put call is 1.10 and taking a slow boat to where it needs to be (around 1.25) to indicate rally. Commitment of Traders shows an almost total flat position across the stock markets in open options and futures. QQQQ short interest is negligible and in the big names is a joke.

    Conclusion: For QQQQ at least, not only do I see no sign of capitulation, I see utter complacency.

  17. STS commented on Jul 16

    You can tell this is a European carton: the central banker is propping open the inflation croc’s mouth. The American version would have to reverse the labels.

    And the credit crunch is already in there — crocodiles normally hang out in or near water. Do you see any “liquidity” in that picture?

  18. Neo Bernanke commented on Jul 16

    “There is no stick.”

    “Oh. SH*T! I mean ‘there are no gators’! There are no gators!”

  19. wunsacon commented on Jul 16

    KnotRP, you’re very resourceful!

  20. Louis Mercier commented on Jul 17

    We don’t see it but termites or wood eating ants are eating away his stick cause he might be out of credit himself soon… what a legacy for Obama!… Has anyone read articles in, that’s where I discovered articles about the destruction of the american economy and other frightening realities many months ago, after which I searched for more articles about the american and global economy and then I found Bigpicture , thanx for ur work!

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