New York Times Fawns Over Erin Burnett



I’ve found Erin Burnett to be a delightful addition on CNBC — she gets the full NYT rising star treatment in the Sunday Business section:

ONLY days into a new job at CNBC two and a half years ago, Erin
Burnett was settling into orientation when the network decided to put
her on camera.

Viewers and executives of the cable business channel took note, and
within weeks, Ms. Burnett started her first big assignment,
contributing to “Squawk on the Street,” a new morning program. Just
weeks later she was a co-anchor of the program with Mark Haines, a
veteran anchor who had been at CNBC since its founding in 1989.

A series of other high-profile assignments followed, including a 2
p.m. solo hour, appearances on NBC’s news programs and the expansion of
her morning program to a second hour. Today, at 32, Ms. Burnett is the
youngest person on television to anchor three hours of business news
every weekday.

“She’s the ultimate growth stock,” said Jonathan Wald, CNBC’s senior vice president for business news.

Ms. Burnett’s meteoric rise is the most recent example of how
television networks try to transform fresh-faced hosts into household
names with all the perks — and hazards — that sudden celebrity entails.
And Ms. Burnett’s “overnight success” isn’t an accident. Competing with
the Internet and the fledgling Fox Business Network, CNBC has been
trolling for new stars, and the network has meticulously managed and
promoted Ms. Burnett’s ascent.

Because of the seismic changes roiling the media business and the
huge number of choices that business news devotees now have when
searching for information, anchors are no longer only news readers.
Their bosses and handlers emphasize their personalities as much as
their acumen in an effort to carve out niche followings…

“She is a work in progress,” Mr. Wald said. “She did not come to
CNBC a fully formed business news star. And she’s evolving into a
notable TV personality.”

Who are your most and least favorite CNBC (or other channel) anchors?

Discuss . . .


Needing a Star, CNBC Made One   
NYT, July 20, 2008


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  1. Mike J commented on Jul 19

    The CNBC news update with Margaret Brennan is the best. Short, sweet and to the point.

  2. Ben commented on Jul 19

    That was a gimme and the reason you should do something more in depth on her.

    Your readers are going to be big CNBC watchers and they were sure to have strong emotional attachments–pos and neg–to these people they see everyday. Your site is a great place for them to get that out on a continuing basis. I’ll take issue with the one commentator who suggested the post was beneath the quality of TBP.

    Stelter’s story was lightweight so it didn’t raise any of the interesting issues. Your folks latched on to one of the key facts in their visceral dislike for Dennis Kneale: TV is about emotion.

    Wald put Kneale on to stir up some strong feelings and create conflict on a regular basis.

    CNBC reduces complex financial events to a shoutfest, that’s true. But also animates ideas with emotions and reveals character in diverse ways. Since we know that markets are often about psychology and events are determined by character, it’s actually a legitimate addition to the information flow. It just shouldn’t be the only information one bases a decision upon.

  3. Carl Erickson commented on Jul 19

    Dennis Neal (sp?) is without any doubt the single biggest moron on CNBC.

  4. mark commented on Jul 19

    I always thought Ted David was a dick. I was glad when they let him go. Whatever happened to Amanda Grove- now she was worth watching.

  5. Scott Frew commented on Jul 19

    Dennis Kneale first, last, and forever. I admit I was initially skeptical of some of the comments I heard about him, sort of as one might have been of the rumors about Babe Ruth, before he came to town, or about the incendiary solos that Louis Armstrong was laying down out in Chicago, before he headed to New York for the first time. But then I happened on the young Mr. Kneale on Kudlow one night. And when he observed that Berkshire’s stock was down because its CEO/Chariman, Warren Buffett, supported Obama, he took the discourse to an entirely new level. Even Jeff Matthews, a witty man who was on the show that night, is writing a book on Buffett, and does not make things up, was unable to muster a reply suitable to the analytical depth and outside the box brilliance that Mr. Kneale’s comment revealed.

    To paraphrase Bobby Jones speaking of Jack Nicklaus, Mr. Kneale plays a game with which I am unfamiliar.

    I stand in awe.

  6. Bodz commented on Jul 19

    I always disliked Ted David too. He was mean to his guests. Dennis Neal is annoying. He has no opinions of his own on anything, rather he always takes the opposite position on everything and starts his squeaky blah, blah, blah.
    My favorite was Ron Insana. Too bad he is no longer there full time. I also like Steve Liesman and Rick Santelli.

  7. Steve Barry commented on Jul 19

    Since you asked…

    CNBC is the biggest farce ever foisted upon the American public. I guarantee you they spend more time thinking up stupid nicknames (El nesto grande…The Pharma Pharoah) than seriously studying economics. They make absoultely no bones about trying to find the “silver linings” and pumping the market. Their Nasdaq anchor called the Nasdaq’s fall the other day “unfortunate.” They have a show where the main character gives stock picks, flip flops every week and takes very little responsibility…he alleges to have an informed opinion of every single traded stock and blurts out his opinion to callers rapid fire. Kudlow’s show has some good guests, but his favorite and most frequent guests are market shills. The Dow on good days is always at “fresh highs”…on bad days, it is always “well off its lows.” The other day, they said the market was having an up day…problem was just the Dow was up, S&P was down. Instead of naming the worthless CNBC personalities, it is far easier to name the good ones…Santelli, Gasparino, Faber. Ratigan walks the floor to promote his Fast Money, where they all pump eachother’s positions.

    Now that it is common knowledge how unqualified Burnett is and how managed her career is I will be sure to watch her like a hawk.

  8. Geoff commented on Jul 19

    Not even close. Dennis Kneale is either trying to be an idiot on purpose, or he achieves that look quite naturally and quite successfully.

    I really like Mark Haines’s skepticism and wit. I like acerbic. Kudlow is smart, but his “if I repeat the same thing enough, people will think I’m correct” act gets tiresome. He is a windbag. I like the morning crew, Quick, Quintanilla, Faber and Kernen. Dylan Ratigan is very, very good at his job.

    Did I mention Dennis Kneale. He is abysmal.

  9. Bruce commented on Jul 19

    I like Santelli and Mark Haines…both may not always agree with how I see the markets, but at least they are not afraid to say a guest is F.O.S. I have seen both act like a pit bull, something I find refreshing…

    Bruce in Tennessee

  10. UrbanDigs commented on Jul 19

    I would have to say in order of priority and including guest hosts:

    Rick Santelli
    Ron Insana/Doug Dachille (very underrated two)
    Doug Daschle
    Gary Shilling
    Stefan Abrams
    V Farrell

    The eternal optimists tha tin my opinion lose some credibility because its always BUY time, no matter what are usually Kudlow, Kneale, & Don Luskin.

  11. UrbanDigs commented on Jul 19

    oops, forgot Liesman up there with Insana/Dachille

  12. RW commented on Jul 19

    Burnett is smart, photogenic, verbally facile and seems to do her homework, but announcing does not a news reporter make and the same could be said for a host of her compatriots, at CNBC and elsewhere; in print and online as well as screen too.

    Offhand I can’t think of a single one of them I would trust to tell me the truth if any of them assessed their career path required otherwise.

    Don’t confuse showbiz with life; anyone remember Jessica Savitch?

  13. Joe Klein’s conscience commented on Jul 19

    Erin Burnett is no more than eye candy. Is it me, or is it funny that you see less and less of Maria Bartiromo these days? Where is Joey Ramone when you need him? As far least favorite CNBC personality. It is like most everyone else that has commented here. Dennis Kneale. The guy is an utter tool. I’ve heard on more than one occasion that he blamed the falling market on Barack Obama getting the nomination. Can one man be any more ignorant than Kneale? Even Kudlow, with all his faults, isn’t as ignorant as Kneale.

  14. jason-charlotte, nc commented on Jul 19

    Dylan Rattigan is the best. He does a great job on Fast Money, which I consider to be CNBC’s best show. He’s hilarious and seems like a pretty genuine guy.

    The most insightful CNBC employee is Rick Santelli. He makes great observations that are several steps ahead of what most CNBC personalities provide.

    While I wouldn’t consider him a CNBC personality, Art Cashin is on most mornings for a couple minutes. His comments are always worth making a mental note of, IMO.

  15. scorpio commented on Jul 19

    she is so hot

  16. John commented on Jul 19


    – Rick Santelli
    – Amanda Lang (BNN Canada)
    – Maria Bartiromo
    – Erin Burnett

    Least Favorites:

    – Dennis Kneale
    – Steve Liesman
    – Charlie Gasparino
    – that bald guy on fast money. actually, both of them. actually, the entire cast of fast money. wait, are they even anchors? oh well they deserve a spot on my least favorites regardless.

  17. ecklebob commented on Jul 19

    I have ALWAYS found your posts to be intelligent and well written. The streak has been broken with this one. What would posess you to hold a popularity contest for a group of professional stock pumpers? Well,It is your blog site and you have every right to feature the subjects of your choosing.”Delightful addition”, great. “Sock puppet” for wall Street, most definitely.


    BR: Guilty as charged.

    But its Saturday Night, so I thought it might be fun to lighten up the place for a while (eye candy and all that)>

  18. bdg123 commented on Jul 19

    Whether it is the format, the fact that hosts are sycophants or lack of intellectual inquisitiveness, most of the ‘journalists’ (loosely used) on CNBC lack critical analysis.

    John Murphy and John Bollinger from FNN
    Ron Ensana
    Rick Santelli
    Kathleen Hays

  19. SteveInChicago commented on Jul 19

    I don’t really pay much attention to the anchors, as they seldom say anything of consequence. I hate to say this, because you appear on his show all of the time, but I think of Larry Kudlow as, perhaps the ultimate contrarian indicator. He just always seems to be 180 degrees off of where the market is going. Because of that, he’s actually worth watching. I agree wholeheartedly with everyone else who thinks that Dennis Kneale is dead behind the eyes.

    That said, I really like a lot of the analysts, especially you, Barry, even if I have to sit through Kudlow AND Laffer. I also appreciate Rick Santelli, Louise Yamana and Carter Worth.

  20. bdg123 commented on Jul 19

    Whether it is the format, the fact that hosts are sycophants or lack of intellectual inquisitiveness, most of the ‘journalists’ (loosely used) on CNBC lack critical analysis.

    John Murphy and John Bollinger from FNN
    Ron Ensana
    Rick Santelli
    Kathleen Hays

  21. m3 commented on Jul 19

    how about favorites from bloomberg?

    tom keene
    kathleen hayes
    brian sullivan (while he was there)
    bernard lo (bloomberg asia)
    monica bertran
    betty liu has her moments too

    (btw, i can’t stand erin; she’s a loud, dumb, smart-ass. rick santelli is the only great talent CNBC has)

  22. vfsv commented on Jul 19

    I guess this was a serious question?

    What ever happened to just getting the facts & making up my own mind? What do I care about the newsreader?

    As they say, “It’s the news, stupid!”

  23. steve commented on Jul 19

    Rebecca Jarvis.

  24. Bhh commented on Jul 19

    I’ve thought of an idea for an ETF. I’d call it the Larry Kudlow Fade Achievers Index.

    Take the opposite position of anything Larry sez and you’ll make money.

    The last few years it would have been long commodity stocks and futures, Brazil, Euros, etc. Short the Greatest Story Never Told(tm).

    I’ve also concluded that Dennis Kneale must have compromising pictures of CNBC executives with farm animals.

    Props to Santelli, he’ll probably get shuttled off to the CNBC for grownups – CNBC Asia.

    And Margaret Brennan wins the eye candy division. Although she obviously knows she’s hot so she’s probably a pain in the ass.

  25. Steve commented on Jul 19

    In August of 2007 when it was about to hit the fan, Erin Burnett commented on Squawk Box that all sellers are Lemmings. That sellers are chicken little and have no idea that they are panicking at the wrong time. This is the great “value” and “insight” you get with CNBC…. I believe that CNBC actually detracts from the sum total of all knowledge on this planet. With all the innovative graphics and interactive TV gizmos, shouldn’t we be able to see any given guru’s record as he speaks? Sort of like a back of the baseball card stat of previous picks…..But that will never happen because nobdody will ever agree to come on under those terms…Because all the fancy fees these gurus charge, if full disclosure of their track record was ever posted, it would be obvious to all the world that the Emporers have no clothes.

  26. John commented on Jul 19

    I really enjoy Kudlow. His calls and opinions are just abominable, but he’s a great entertainer. I love hearing him jabber on in a tone of voice that says “I don’t care if I look crazy, I’m just gonna throw this batshit insane idea out there, then turn it over to a guest to make sense of – waddya think Barry”

  27. Bhh commented on Jul 19

    I’ve thought of an idea for an ETF. I’d call it the Larry Kudlow Fade Achievers Index or something.

    Take the opposite position of anything Larry sez and you’ll make money.

    The last few years it would have been long commodity stocks and futures, Brazil, Euros, etc. Short the Greatest Story Never Told(tm).

    I’ve also concluded that Dennis Kneale must have compromising pictures of CNBC executives with farm animals.

    Props to Santelli, he’ll probably get shuttled off to the CNBC for grownups – CNBC Asia.

    And Margaret Brennan wins for the eye candy division. Although she obviously knows she’s hot so she’s probably a pain in the ass.

  28. Michael commented on Jul 19

    I like Santelli, Liesman, Faber, Bartiromo. I find Burnett nauseating.

  29. Billy Bob commented on Jul 19

    Agree with the Dennis Kneale comments. I find Joe Kernan amusing, but it is painfully obvious he is not well travelled. The guest Brian Westbrook (hopefully is the name is correct) was always pumping the market, but he is nowhere to be seen now. Mark, Rick and Steve L are the most interesting.

  30. Groty commented on Jul 19

    The 60 seconds CNBC puts a camera on Art Cashin are the best 60 seconds of the day.

    He’s witty and knows trading as well as anyone. They asked him recently if the bottom was in. He explained it might be a platypus bottom in that if it is a bottom, it’s unlike anything he’s seen before. That was just a classic line.

    Mike Schneider, who hosts Night Talk on Bloomberg, is almost as good as Charlie Rose.

  31. esb commented on Jul 19

    My friends, the only CNBC program(me) worth watching is Worldwide Exchange 4-5 AM ET.

    When Christine Tan is really, really made up (as she often is) well, lets just say that she would have no problem getting her hands on a PM aid’s Blackberry (among other things).

    Married though.


  32. Joe commented on Jul 19

    The day Mad Money is canceled I will celebrate. It is as useful for business as Deal or No Deal is on CNBC.

  33. Brian commented on Jul 19


    I have to agree with Eck, why would you even ask this question unless you wanted 75 responses by tomorrow?

    I am surprised at your juvenile question.

    Ok, I can’t help it:

    Kneale by far the worse (although he doesnt do that bad as Kudlow fill in, at least he lets panalists speak).

    Luskin (so annoying and WRONG), Ferrill, Cramer, Boyer aauugg. Round out the list.

    Ratigan is entertaining but talks too much. Kudlow is good, same thing, talks too much.

    Eric Bolling is the best (ooppss they let him get away)

    Macke, Fast Money,has at least been bearish the last 4 months and he understands basic trendlines.

    BTW, I watch this stuff for laughs only, so take this post with a grain of salt.

    If you need to watch T.V. for advice, good luck.

  34. Joe commented on Jul 19

    CNBC’s Top 5 (no particular order):
    Rick Santelli
    Art Cashin
    Ron Insana
    Joe Batipaglia
    Louise Yamada

    CNBC’s Worst 5 (no particular order):
    Dennis Kneale (morning)
    Dennis Kneale (mid-day)
    Dennis Kneale (afternoon)
    Dennis Kneale (mkt close)
    Dennis Kneale (night)

  35. Pete commented on Jul 19

    Ms. Burnett clearly is bright and vivacious, an Audrey Hepburn with brains, and there’s more…..a rare verbal facility with financial concepts and getting to the nub of things. CNBC has this one spot on.

  36. ibh commented on Jul 19

    There should be no favotires when it comes to listening or trying to get a clue as to the market. You are watching media personalities, all trying to please mgmt that wants only one thing — ratings.

    For that matter, I will be pick my fav. Maria Caruso Cabrera. You can credit the camera men and their instructions to focus on her figure. Her camera shots are usually a panned shot (from a distance to see her from head to toe) more so than any of the other female anchors.

  37. Pedro commented on Jul 19

    Although not necessarily my favorite, I think that Mark Haines is wasted in his current role (as some sort of upbeat cheerleader / Burnett sidekick). I always found him to be one of the more intelligent and informed members of the CNBC staff. The original team of Haines / Faber / Kernan delivered more information in 15 minutes that the current format does in 2 hours.

    Charlie Gasparino causes me to have an automatic pavlovian response when his face appears . . I immediately reach for the remote and switch to Bloomberg.

  38. Dylan’s Mom commented on Jul 19

    I think Dylan Ratigan is terrific. He moderates better anyone else on TV. He reports (which is not the same as opining) intelligently, articulately, and with good humor. Either he spins things so adeptly that I can’t see it, or he isn’t trying to spin things at all.

    I gotta agree with Groty, too. Art Cashin is aces.

  39. Tom commented on Jul 19


    Kneale & Caruso Cabrerra (I used to mute the noon – 2pm time slot, now I just turn it off). Dennis is just a cheerleader and Michelle has developed this ‘holier than thou’ personna that just grates on me.

  40. jam commented on Jul 19

    Susan Li Bloomberg Asia is more of a GROWTH stock IMHO. LOL

  41. Ben commented on Jul 19

    I like the fat guy who does the weather, Willard Scott.

  42. Sarah Bellum commented on Jul 19

    Personally, I would like my propaganda delivered with a little more pizazz.

    Replace Dennis Kneel with John Hodgeman from the Daily Show and then all the straight faced bs can be taken literally for what it is with a laugh and a smile.

    Replace Dylan Ratigan with Ed Helms (also from the Daily Show) and Fast Money takes on a new dimension. A certain air of believability will ensue because you know for certain that it’s all a joke anyway.

    Perhaps Stephen Colbert could interview some of the rocket science mathmeticians who were brought in to destroy the world as we know it. His wry sarcasm would be in perfect harmony with his predictions of death,doom and destruction. Totally believable.

    It’s sad to think the perfect financial propaganda anchors already exist….on the Comedy Channel.

  43. John F. commented on Jul 19

    The British don’t use the term ‘anchor,’ opting instead for the more descriptive ‘news reader.’ Not coincidentally, they will be the ones delivering us our hard news as soon as Disney, GE, the NYT’s B shareholders, etc. stop subsidizing our inferior domestic product. I doubt a standalone business model will support a format driven by highly paid ‘star’ anchors, and consider Bloomberg’s more sustainable–not to mention more watchable.

  44. Infobabe commented on Jul 19

    Qualification for CNBC infobabes is a pair of tits and a decent smile… she has both… who cares.

    I get my daily news and information from Rush Limbaugh who I can trust and tells the truth.

  45. ECONOMISTA NON GRATA commented on Jul 20

    I really like them all, even Kud. However, when it comes to reliable opinions based on sound premises, I’ll put my money on Rick and Ron.

    Good night,


  46. wunsacon commented on Jul 20

    Agree with John F.!

    And if we stop watching the cr@ppy channels entirely, then they’ll be forced to “elevate their game” to compete with the likes of Bloomberg and foreign sources. If we continue to watch the pedestrian caca, we’re helping perpetuate “the dissemination of misinformation” as a successful business model.

    Hey, knowing how competition works, we consumers should know we have the power to vote with our eyeballs.

  47. baldheadeddork commented on Jul 20

    Burnett is a favorite – as long as the sound is off. She Bartiromo without the brains, a pretty, vacuous head that probably couldn’t pass a state college freshman business or econ class, the new posterchild of the Money Bunny movement.

    Gimme Consuelo Mack anytime.

  48. full-body latte commented on Jul 20

    >> Qualification for CNBC infobabes is a

    No, what you cite are the qualifications for pr0n.

    Personally, I dislike the blurring of sex and news, sex and cars, sex and beer, sex and coffee. Instead, I want my news from ugly people who do their best to ensure the importance and quality of the information.

    Alright, to each his/her own. But, if T&A is really your criteria, why not go for the full-on titillating business news experience? Try this:
    – turn on financial news radio and
    – watch porn with the sound down.


  49. chris commented on Jul 20

    It is always refreshing to hear Rick Santelli”s clear thoughts.He has the spunk to tell it as it is.The company man who is programed to spin a positive story on every negative one is Steve is a shame how cnbc will try to take sides on economic and financial stories instead of giving clear and true INFORMATION.

  50. KFinein09fan commented on Jul 20

    Agreed with so many others’ opinions posted above, although I guess I pay attention a lot to the ‘guests’ as much as I do the anchors. CNBC should pay me to watch Kneale and Kudlow, and some days also to tune into Cramer. Some days “Mad Money” makes more sense (and is far easier to take) when it’s on mute.

    Gotta speak up in defence of the “Fast Money” anchors, though. True, Pete should be more on decaf, and Dylan needs to breathe more, and interrupt and talk less as he shuts out Adami a lot. But Macke (aka one of ‘the bald guys’ from a post above) is damn good and can be funny…insert your ‘respect the dome’ comment here. Damn good and funny would apply to most of the “FM” shows, actually. But the true gem of that show is K(aren) Fine(rman), the uber-calm one. Kudos also to them for also having Dennis Gartman and Carter Worth on as much as they do…I really enjoy watching their segments. But viewers either love the show or hate it, clearly. C’est la vie, baby.

    And no matter what show she’s on (including filling in for Dylan on “FM”), Michelle Lee will always make me grab for the remote…to change channels ASAP.

  51. John commented on Jul 20

    “the guest Brian Westbrook (hopefully is the name is correct) was always pumping the market,”

    I think you’re thinking of Brian Westbury. For a perma-bull I don’t actually mind him. He’s humble, doesn’t attack his opponents, presents his weak arguments in an honest way, and has actually been right on a couple things. Last august when cramer was freaking out, Westbury refused to concede that a recession had started – and it actually hadn’t. I have seen him on lately, and he’s still singing the same tune, but as far as perma-bulls go, there’s worse.

  52. Chris Kortge commented on Jul 20

    I want to kill Dennis Kneale and marry Erin Burnett. It’s some weird Oedipal thing. And Bob Pisani can be our family pet that we keep kicking off the couch.

  53. jtaylor118 commented on Jul 20

    I have been watching for more than ten years, so I am an expert (and perhaps a fool). THUS,

    1. Mark Haines, tough questions, and then where are the donuts?
    2. Joe Kernan, you know, the guy knows biotech–he and David Faber were once a great pair. Now Joe looks bored most of the time. I think he likes good tee times.
    3. Bob Pisani–not on anyone’s hate list? Perma-bull. Not impressed.
    4. Great: anyone from Chicago–Santelli, Najarian brothers (even if they’re front-running their accounts).
    5. Margaret Brennan. I’m sorry, she’s hot. I dont care about anything else.
    6. You know, Becky Quick is pretty cute, too, though 35 according to Wiki.
    7. Art Cashin–speaks the truth, and I tear up when he leads the floor in “Wait Till the Sun Shines, Mary,” at the end of the year.
    8. No Steve Liesman haters when there are all of these Rick Santelli lovers? Perma-apologist for the PPT. I think Rick Santelli used to sock fat kids in elementary school, and I think Steve Liesman used to get socked in elementary school.
    9. Maria? She’s an 00 celeb thing. Yesterday’s news.
    10. You know, Bertha Coombs comes to work, does work, and comes back the next day to do more work. She is ok and not swept up in the I’m on TV frisson.
    11. Faber probably gets called every name in the book, but is a wonk and we need a wonk.
    12. Gasparino has made me money and lost me money. What’s with the new super-short doo?
    13. Carl Quintanilla reminds me of someone who went to Georgetown. Solid, although you expect a lot less.
    14. Dylan Ratigan is essentially a 1930’s fast-talker, so I like him, although business may not be his ultimate destination. He checks on what kind of tie you’re wearing as much as anything else. No one can run Fast Money as well as he does, and those trader dudes, although they may deny it, have love for him.
    15. The Melissa’s–Francis and Lee are both worthy in their own ways.
    16. Erin Burnett has earned what she’s got. My heart skips a step, though, when Ms.Brennan interuptss, but I am just a lowly male headed for extinction.
    17. Bottomline–I really only listen to Rick Santelli and Art Cashin–everyone else is a shill, a wonk, a cutie, a flunkie, marking time until the limo is ready to go to the Hamptons, or–horrors–average.

  54. lol commented on Jul 20

    I spent nearly 5 years with CNBC in my ear every day, all day. A few months ago I cancelled my cable television. I was concerned that I might miss something important without CNBC. I used to tell myself that I kept things in balance with all the negativity (realism?) I read on blogs by getting the other side via market cheerleader central.

    What I found is that my perspective has become much more long term. I don’t get caught up in the day-to-day or even intraday swings like I used to with the CNBC bug in my ear. I am not lacking for analysis or access to breaking news. Instead my head is much clearer, and my perspective on any trade/investment longer term than a few days has dramatically improved.

    That said, I agree with the people here who rate Cashin and Santelli as the best voices on CNBC. They are the only people on that network who truly understand the markets they are covering, and who are willing to provide the unvarnished truth. Maria Bartiromo is imho the worst of the worst, and her unfettered cheerleading was a constant source of irritation. Erin is equally as vapid, and barely smart enough to read her lines.

  55. Bob A commented on Jul 20

    Cramer, Suze Orman, Larry Kudlow.. all make me wretch. The worst offenders by far.

    Dennis Kneale is a little annoying but how can anyone say he’s worse than these three?

    Maria.. experience and knowledgable no doubt, she might be ok on valium, but her voice has become like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

    Erin is charming. Says some pretty silly things sometimes, but does a great job overall.

  56. Gumby commented on Jul 20

    I’ve gotta get on the Kneale bandwagon of Hate(tm). Hate is probably too strong…disdain? His uselessness is obvious even to the most casual viewer. You can tell Bill Griffith is just loath to throw it over to him for a comment. Burnett is a prop-pure and simple. The few times she tries to distill market action into unscripted wisdom is just painful. Lots of aahhs, ya’knows and hand movement.

    -Rick “Tell it Like it is” Santelli

    Found Wanting/ax-to-grind:

    Basically I want to drop Tom Keene into the middle of any of CNBC’s shows and watch with delight most of the anchors go into vapor lock as Keene gives them an understated yet infectiously enthusiastic intellectual ass beating on market dynamics.

    Bloomberg = market information for adults.

  57. engineer al commented on Jul 20

    Not one mention of Louisa Bojesen?


    What IS wrong with you people?

  58. Greg commented on Jul 20

    Luskin and that Bowyer guy I can’t stand. I understand Kudlow needs a bullish guy or two to give opinions but these guys are as bad as Bush at looking you straight in the eye and telling you what you want to hear.

  59. Bund Fox commented on Jul 20

    I don’t watch CNBC at all as I find it a bit dumbed down to be honest. I did always enjoy Erin when she was on Bloomberg, which I feel is more informative. My favorite Bloomberg presenter has got to be Matt Miller. He always has a clever remark that just injects enough humour into his slots to lift the nature of things and make them that little bit more interesting.

  60. Jojo commented on Jul 20

    Worldwide Exchange is the best CNBC program, probably because the European analysts and guests mostly seem to talk straight, not pulling punches. I like the whole anchor team here (Ross Westgate, Christine Tan & Brian Shactman). Good to see also that Brian is growing into the role better. I had my doubts about him initially.

    What no mention of Jane Wells (the blond Southern California woman) so far? I like her a lot plus she looks good!

    Also like Margaret Brennan, Bob Pisani, Rick Santelli, Dylan Rattigan, Scott Wapner, Diane Olick (gives good real estate :) ).

    Neither like nor dislike: Joe Kernan (always insinuating that he doesn’t make enough money yet I’d bet he makes well over 300k; tries to be too subtle with his humor), David Faber

    Dislike: Erin Burrnet (seems clueless and striving too hard to take over Maria’s “money honey” title), Melissa Francis (too much botox. Only her mouth moves when she talks! Makes her look like a robot), Melissa Lee (no matter how hard she tries, she cannot replace Dylan on Fast Money!), Charlie Gasparino (obnoxious), Larry Kudlow (obnoxious is too kind a word), Maria Bartiromo (over the hill & her nasal voice annoys me to no end; She has a weekly column in Businessweek, btw, interviewing the mover’s & shakers).

    Beyond dislike: Dennis Kneale (there’s something about him that really rubs me the wrong way!).

  61. Kingsley Stoken commented on Jul 20

    Dennis Kneal is perhaps the biggest loser on THE PLANET! What an idiot!

  62. Peter commented on Jul 20

    I dislike this trend to turn anchors into personalities. It is a ploy by the networks to try to grab market share in an increasingly crowded marketplace. It is the news that is important, not the person who reads it. I want objective accurate news from an impartial presenter.

    Bloomberg has been more objective than the rest in this regard, but unfortunately I get the sense they are now taking the path of trying to develop a more personality driven news channel, in order to compete with the rest and survive.

    However, as the downturn progresses into recession, the population will largely get bored and frustrated with this subject matter. Real estate shows prosper during real estate booms, but then disappear in a slump. Likewise, financial channels will become a turn off when viewers get tired of losing money and give up on getting rich from playing financial markets.

    Financial TV is about to enter a slump, regardless of the ‘celebreties’ that have been ‘elevated’ to entertain us with news of our latest step on the road to poverty.

  63. Virginia commented on Jul 20

    Like: Charlie Rose, Mike Schneider (both have gravitas) and Carol Masser (sensible and calm).

    OK: Erin Burnet, Betty Lui

    Dislike: Cramer Cramer Cramer (a**hole a**hole a**hole), Matt Miller (smug) and Dennis Kneale (don’t know what it is that makes me dislike him)

  64. Dave commented on Jul 20

    I like Erin although they should only use her for an hour a day. When anyone is supposed to be reporting news all day lone they are going to report a bunch of useless info. When she gets to report real news she seems to do a decent job. If they overuse her, her career will be shorter than needed. Its kind of like pop music. You like it at first but if you hear the song 8 trillion times you want to punch the artist. CNBC please dont kill Erin.

    I liked the old morning crew of Haines, Kernan, and Faber. They were smart and actually made useful comments and observations.

    Santelli is good because he puts Leisman in his place.

    I think everyone agrees that Dennis Kneale is a tool and should be let go yesterday. Or just let him be on the show with his mouth duct taped. I would rather listen to Mexican rap music than Dennis Kneale.

    Bob Pisani seems like a good dude but I have never had a use for him.

    I used to hate Dylan but he has improved and he does a good job with Fast Money. While I dont get much from it at least I wouldnt rather watch infomercials. Which is of course more than I can say for Mad Money. Jim Cramer may have done 24% a year at his hedge fund but his shows is less than useless and it is annoying as hell. He is supposedly trying to teach principles of investing but is still in his best trade of the second mentality. The conflicting advice can only help you lose money.

    As far as guests go a lot of you guys are good but they do have a few asshats on more often than they need to.


  65. Bob commented on Jul 20

    I watch Ms. Burnett’s 2 pm hour regularly because she schedules a superior lineup of interviews. She brings better guests and gets more out them, by a wide margin, than anybody else on CNBC. Maria isn’t close.

    The best of CNBC:

    Louise Yamada
    The Chubby Technician from Oppenheimer

    Jeff Mackie should have his own show

  66. Andy Tabbo commented on Jul 20

    Erin Burnett is the Manchurian Business News Anchor. I think she was planted here by either the Chinese or Middle East business interests.

    Her top priorities seem to be to pump up and showcase the terrificness of China, India and Dubai. When her international P.R. missions in full froth, it would been a great time to short most of those overseas stock exchanges.

    Erin Burnett is not the worst they have, but I find her ingratiating. Her attempts to always find “silver lining” makes we want to vomit– “The S&P 500 is down 40 pts, but it’s a few points off of the lows, so that’s a good thing. And there are some silver lingings….Ambac is up 5% today at a $1.95”

    Also, somebody needs to tell erin burnett that not every Fed Decision is the “most important Fed Rate Decision of all time.” Whenever we get a Fed Decision, she builds up the big moment as if time just might stand still that afternoon. Nauseating.

    Additionally, she has a terrible sense of humor–but nobody has explained that to her. She think she’s funny, but it’s pretty clear she doesn’t have the life experiences or perspective to bring humor to anything. My 10 yr old cracks better jokes than ms. burnett. And that annoying phony sounding forced laugh makes my skin crawl.

    I could go on, but have wasted enough time.

    – AT

  67. John commented on Jul 20

    Dennis Kneale is the worst. Erin away from her cue cards and teleprompter is rather a sad sight. Anyone who is good on that network looks that way because the everyone else is so really really bad.

  68. BG commented on Jul 20

    – Joe Battapaglia (guest)
    – Rick Santelli
    – Ron Insana
    – Steve Liesman
    – David Faber
    – Mark Haines
    – Dylan Ratigan
    – Bill Griffith
    – Becky Quick
    – Joe Kernan
    – Bob Pisani
    – Carl Quintanilla

    – Jim Cramer
    – Larry Kudlow
    – Don Luskin
    – Jerry Bower
    – Dennis Kneale
    – Vince Farrell

    Eye Candy:
    – Margaret Brennan
    – Erin Burnett
    – Melissa Lee
    – Becky Quick
    – Maria Bartiromo

  69. Greg0658 commented on Jul 20

    I spend the days mostly on CNBC. Its like the Jerry Springer Show of real life consequences. I wouldn’t jump into this corrupt industry they report on if I had to. But being alive its required. ie: SSI and vested pension. So I pull for stability.

    I surf when able and pretty sure CNN beat them to the WaMu raid in St Louis last week. I don’t have a bank of TVs tho.

    Dennis K is getting sharper. They all seem overworkered. Probably get paid in 401Ks and percents of income.

    I need to dream up a needed business model or program that would float and get busier. But infrastructure is so high end in the 21st century. So I’ll keep what I got, if the shenanigans would slow the F down.

  70. Sam Jacob commented on Jul 20

    Morning team of Becky,Carl and Kernan is the best.they have been doing some fantastic interivews lately.
    Becky seems to be good with interviewing older men, buffet, pickens etc. She’s very beautiful and smart.

    Fast Money team is good, Departure of Bolling left a big gap.Ratigan is a good anchor.

    Cramer’s comedy show is fun to watch sometimes.

  71. John commented on Jul 20

    One has to wonder whether the folks posting here do ANY work. They seem to spend all day watching TV since most seem able to describe in detail every minor quirk of every TV personality. I seldom watch any of these people but based on occasional sightings while waiting for planes, having a drink in a bar, or a quick masochistic surf before the evening news one could make the following observations:

    Maria: undoubtedly the one whom one would most like to wake up next to in Paris.

    Kudlow: Republican shill with great taste in clothes but otherwise a relentless liar for the cause.

    Cramer: Astute performer, rather like Groucho Marx, who has discovered there is market for public buffoonery.

    Dennis Kneale: Over enthusiastic baseball commentator who has wandered into CNBC by mistake.

    Erin Burnett: Quite nice to wake up with in Paris but she’d be wearing white gloves.

    Assorted other stooges like Luskin, Laffer, etc: Basically there to agree with, or reflect glory on the above.

  72. JC commented on Jul 20

    Erin is hot & entertaining, Liebsman is worth listening to.

    Kneale was described as an asswipe on another blog, that really says it all, he is like a distillation of all the a-holes I ever knew in school, the smart ass who does something that keeps the whole class after school because he won’t own up to it.

  73. JC commented on Jul 20

    Erin is hot & entertaining, Liebsman is worth listening to.

    Kneale was described as an asswipe on another blog, that really says it all, he is like a distillation of all the a-holes I ever knew in school, the smart ass who does something that keeps the whole class after school because he won’t own up to it.

  74. Advsy commented on Jul 20

    I came to the comments just for a reality check on Dennis Kneale. I am so glad to see that I am not alone.

    Joe Klien says it well.
    Can one man be any more ignorant than Kneale? Even Kudlow, with all his faults, isn’t as ignorant as Kneale.

    Also glad to see that Santelli is recognized. He has had the best comments in recent months. Like the way he fights for his opinions to be heard and understood.

    Art Cashin is on only for a few minutes a day but his words are always worth listening too.

    One has to definitely give props to Macke on Fast money. He has really been telling it like it is lately.

    If CNBC is reading these comments, let me add that Kneale is driving people away. I for one have taken to turning off the TV when he comes on.

  75. Finch commented on Jul 20

    Santelli and Cashin are consistently insightful. Also like Battipaglia and Gartman. And of course the one time every year they bring on Jim Rogers is great.

    Kudlow is a total clown, but Luskin is even worse. Kneale is harmless next to those two idiots. Burnett is just a pretty face. And Finerman pumps her positions way too obviously – she’s the least interesting of the Fast Money crew.

  76. John commented on Jul 20

    I’m really surprised by all the Fast Money fans (I wrote the “bald guys comment”)

    I don’t really watch it very often, and maybe I should give it a second chance, but it really seems like the worst kind of information-thin loudmouth stock pumping in the world (well, except for Mad Money).

    In the few times that I’ve seen it, I’ve seen them (including Macke, who I assume is the totally bald, weird-talking one) make horrible horrible calls. Has anyone ever assembled a long run track record for them?

  77. Don commented on Jul 20

    Agree with Tom Keene on Bloomberg being excellent.

    As for CNBC: if the Dow gets south of 10K, my money is on the anchorettes going topless. Anything to keep your eyes off numbers going by on the crawl.

  78. BW commented on Jul 20

    I’m sorry she replaced Jane Pauley

  79. me commented on Jul 20

    Does Erin Burnett know she’ll be replaced by someone younger and prettier in just a few years time? That’s how the television game works.

  80. Mace commented on Jul 20

    Mark Haines – a real pro
    Art Cashin – the best of all
    Jane Wells – what a hot, tough talkin’ babe
    Maria Bartiromo – seems destined as Barbara Walter’s replacement
    Fast Money – best segment, very funny at times

    Worst move:

    Losing uber-babe Liz Clayman to FBN

  81. Peter Davis commented on Jul 20

    The best and worst? The worst list is easy:

    Suffice it to say that CNBC is perhaps the worst market resource on the planet. No kidding. They should be taken off the air for sheer incompetence. Nowhere else will you find a more concentrated array of bad advice and flat-out dumb commentary.

    1. Jim Cramer: No-brainer. Hands-on down the most egotistical and least knowledgeable person on air. Just a daily disaster.

    2. Maria Bartiromo: Total ego-maniac and ass-kisser to the business stars. Too bad she knows absolutely nothing about the markets.

    3. Erin Burnett: A pretty face, but that’s it. Perhaps has the least market knowledge of any commentator on TV. Can only parrot what others say while adopting CNBC’s permabull attitudes.

    4. Larry Kudlow. Only claim to fame is as an economist in Reagan’s administration. And economists are, on average, wrong on about 90% of their forecasts. Kudlow may be the worst. Has as little knowledge of how markets work than anyone I’ve ever heard. I’m amazed that CNBC continues to trot him out as an “expert” because he’s the exact opposite. Is consistently wrong.

    5. Dennis Kneale. He’s too stupid for words. How this guy got on the air is beyond me.

    6. Just about everyone else at CNBC.

    The Good:

    1. Rick Santelli. The only trader at CNBC. Truly a big fish in a tiny pond.

    That’s it. He’s the list.

  82. Flash Bazbo commented on Jul 20

    Agreed on Santelli. Straight shooter.

    Our desk has CNBC on all day. Would probably prefer the lower-key Bloomberg. Even from Boston, I pick up 1130AM out of NYC on my commute home and hear Tom Keene from 5-7pm, who just rocks. A Tom Keene Sirius or XM channel would be great.

    Don’t have much use for the CNBC ladies except to look at. Soft spot for Ms. Herrera that way, even as matronly as she’s become. Don’t mind seeing Erin Burnett when she’s got the brown leather shirt on.

  83. dwkunkel commented on Jul 20

    I am continually amazed that readers of this blog freely admit to watching CNBC and then complain about what they find there.

  84. Norman commented on Jul 20

    Burnett. I feel sorry for the poor girl having to look smart and confident without the goods. And of course, I love Maria’s lisp. Waiting for the Fox Business Channel on the Dish Network.

  85. guru commented on Jul 20

    Long list of comments so no one will probably ever see this (and I haven’t seen if this has been mentioned above) but — I can’t stand Pete and Jon Najarian. CNBC lost 70% of their credibility when they put the Najarian’s on with no purpose other than pumping their options business. Get rid of the Najarian’s and bring a technician on as a Fast Money regular.

    They lost the other 30% when they renewed Cramer’s hype and pump show.

  86. Mich(^IXIC1881) commented on Jul 20

    Before getting into names, my problem with financial media, and CNBC in particular, is that a journalist should do journalism, and not act like they know the markets.

    That’s why I can’t stand Dennis Kneale. He was a business journalist/editor. What trading experience does he have to speak anything about where the bottoms or tops are or any other stock-related ideas.

    Dylan does a good job on this. He realizes he is among traders and tries to make the best of being a student or moderator for those guests.

    On the other hand, Luskin even though he was a portfolio manager and is currently a investment strategist, he is ruining it for his firm. Nobody with a ounce of brain, would trust him or his firm with money after hearing what he has to say any day. He reeks arrogance and disrespectfulness. It shocks me when a guy who ruined a fund before, kept on making wrong bottom calls, still can look in the camera with a smirk on his face and act like a know-it-all.

    I am actually happy they keep on bringing Luskin, because by the end of all this, he will disappear for good from media, when it becomes obvious that “just because you act you know it all, doesn’t mean you know sh.t”

    Erin probably should also keep her mouth shut about markets and just do what she was trained for: journalism. But evident from history (read Ron Insana, Maria,etc.), they all dream of the day that they will write their own version of “how to make money in markets” she gotta do what she gotta do so she can get the book deal in a few years.

    Cramer is doing disservice to public and I am surprised he doesn’t feel guilty. He is in constant self-promotion mode, trying to balance it with a clowning act. He takes credit for one sentence 10 shows earlier, when he said the opposite 9 times.

    But again, how is CNBC any different then a typical company. bunch of brown-nosers and connected in power, and the real assets are in the shadows because they feel it is below them to self-promote and back-stab.

  87. Robert commented on Jul 20

    I have been waiting at least 10 years for this opportunity. Thank you Barry.

    Mark Haynes: “no one ever made a dime in gold stocks”

    Maria Bartiromo: the Larry King of business TV. A moron. Ever notice how she gets all the top interviews. Why you ask? The same reason that Larry King gets them….she pitches soft balls. Separately I remember about 6 months ago when she commented that every store and mall she goes to is busy. what are they talking about vis-a-vis people not shopping. and then taking that private Citicorp jet from China to the USA with the now-fired C exec….oh, and they threw off all the C employees.

    Santelli: wonderful

    Kneale: what can I say that has not been said already. last Friday should have been his last day.

    Pisani: passes along whatever the floor brokers want him to hear. but then again he will be gone soon when the empty floor of the NYSE finally closes. Have you all sen how many people work there now? maybe the exchange will be bailed out by Grasso and Langone.

    Griffeth and his grandmother: babysitting
    the market for 2 hours. MUTE !!!!

    Joe: clearly loves golf more than his job. what does he bring to CNBC. yesterday’s hunk.

    Faber: way too smart and too good for this network. he needs to get a real job where he can earn his salary.

    Erin: I like her. Give her a chance.

    Fast Money: I watch because I like to trade.
    But take everything with lumps of salt. Karen (please no more Crocs) is smart. Macke is a riot. Sorry about his Dad.

    Cramer: as my son says, he is entertainment. if you want information, go elsewhere. I feel very sorry for those who listen to him. One day he will destroy himself when he learns how much money he has lost for millions of twenty-somethings.
    he is as bad for them as the local mortgage broker 3 years ago. and no one will bail him out.

    Sharon Epperson: come on, CNBC. she is a nice lady, but definitely a project for equal opportunity.

    My late friend Herb told me he never watched CNBC but from time to time used Bloomberg. Now I do the same. It is so much more professional—all I want is information, not someone to hold my hand through an hour or two of the market. I do not get to look at pretty legs or substantial breasts, but I have all evening for that. Thanks, honey.

  88. Robert commented on Jul 20

    Santelli is the best. Cashin is good, but not really an anchor. Erin Burnett does ask very good questions imo.

  89. mh497 commented on Jul 20

    Trish Regan is the major hottie of the bunch.

    Burnett – Yeah, nice, but does she deserve a NY Times Sunday Business article at this moment in history?

    Luskin – moron.

    Kernen – often hysterical. I hope they never lose him.

    Ratigan – Kernen with a twist.

    Finerman – Um, the show is called “Fast Money” and this woman is running some kind of value-ish fund and is clearly not a trader.

    NY Times Sunday Business – devolving quickly.

  90. godot10 commented on Jul 20

    If they had Margaret Brennan reciting stock quotes all day, I would watch! -).

  91. GaryW commented on Jul 20

    Mark Haines should have been put out to pasture years ago. His putting on/taking off his eyeglasses is a nuisance. The Erin Burnett/ Mark Haines chemistry is awkward many times.

    I agree with many others that Dennis Kneale has very little of value to say.

    CNBC needs more money managers than money reporters (with little experience).

    Santelli and Pisani do a nice job!

  92. Mich(^IXIC1881) commented on Jul 20

    Nice link Mike. So 8 ways to impress Erin are:
    1- Send me to a trip
    2- Plan me a trip
    3- Send my parents on a trip
    4- Send me a yoga instructor
    5- Send me an exercise bike
    6- Send me books
    7- Send me a chef
    8- Send my sisters to a trip

    It looks like she is looking for a concierge, somebody tell her to call 1-800-345-AMEX and start being stingy and spend those easy money she makes instead of waiting others to pay for her indulgences. What a cheap ass

  93. Mike in NOLa commented on Jul 20

    Amazing number of comments on this. Shows how hot Erin is. I still remember that low cut dress she wore a month or two ago. Maria must be pretty scared, considering she is neither intelligent nor attractive. Of course, I never take either seriously. Give me Helen Thomas any day… on the radio :_)

  94. Jojo commented on Jul 20

    While we’re all ripping CNBC, I just hate when the market is closed, they are doing an interview and then – OMG! [breathlessly] “Sorry to interrupt [whomever is speaking] but we have BREAKING News – Yahoo!/IBM/Google/Microsoft/Intel/eBay, etc. earnings are out”!

    But of course, whomever they transfer to often flounders around, not having had enough time to look at the details of the news and then the anchor has to say, “OK, we’ll get back to [xxxxx] in a couple of minutes with more details”. Jeez. What does it matter? This is just rude and annoying. Whether this earning news is delivered RIGHT NOW or 5 minutes later is really inconsequential, particularly when the markets are closed. CNBC should give their analysts time to look over the earnings release and then talk from a position of strength.

    And isn’t it strange that these breaks ALWAYS seem to occur during an interview and NEVER when a commercial is airing? [lol]

  95. thewit commented on Jul 20

    I admit to have watched Cramer’s show in the past but now unless the CNBC fires that moron, all TV screens at work will go back to CNBC as well as company’s ads.For now they are all tuned to the low-key yet great channel Bloomberg.

  96. thewit commented on Jul 20

    I admit to have watched Cramer’s show in the past but now unless the CNBC fires that moron, all TV screens at work will go back to CNBC as well as company’s ads.For now they are all tuned to the low-key yet great channel Bloomberg.

  97. Angus commented on Jul 20

    My vote for worst is either Cramer, which needs no explanation, or the sophomoric Joe Kernen.

    If you want an intelligent newscast, I recommend tuning in the evening news on BBC.

  98. Yardbird commented on Jul 21

    Steve Liesman does a great job putting the overall story together. And Rick Santelli is good at describing the moving parts.

    But I really dig Trish Reagan.

  99. Greg0658 commented on Jul 21

    sorry all – caught myself this morning
    got my wa’s messed up above – WaMu should be Wachovia

  100. Lynn commented on Jul 21

    CNBC World offers great coverage of the Asian and European markets without all the yelling. They actually discuss topics intelligently and calmly, and treat their guests with respect. What a great concept!

    Squawk Box Asia: Martin Soong, Amanda Drury
    Squawk Box Europe: Geoff Cutmore, Steve Sedgwick, Louisa Bojesen

  101. GreenAB commented on Jul 29

    i love the crew over here at europe (geoff, louisa, steve, martin).
    no cheerleaders but very thoughtful journalists.

    the only guy from the us division i really enjoy is rick santelli.

    most of the rest including high rated anchorwoman maria bartiromo, “senior economic reporter” steve liesman and “eye on the floor” pisani are more or less brainless spindoctors.

    the real bottom are “rate every stock” cramer and “always long, america is great” kudlow.

  102. Marianne Paskowski commented on Aug 5

    Dylan Rattigan is the star here, knows his stuff.

    And what happened to Suze Orman’s daily evening show, that only lasted several weeks.?

    Some new chick is in her time slot, not bad, but not Suze.

  103. rollercoaster commented on Aug 19

    Thank goodness Rick Santelli stopped shouting. He is much easier to listen to now. I guess he’s taken voice lessons. He used to scream like he was in the commodities pit, very annoying. The voice lessons are working Rick. Erin brings it all together , and ok to look at. Very pleasant. Not eyecandy by any means. Mark sometimes is too wiseassy. Kiernan doesnt seem to know much. Kramer is out of his mind. and Kudlow is a legend in his own mind. Fast money guys at least are bearish at times. With this market they should get Rolaids as a sponsor

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