Lately, I have been playing with Posterous — a no coding necessary, post by email blog site.  Email text, pictures, mp3s, whatever — — and it appears like magic.

It is absurdly simply to use, and I already see how it is going to impact how I work. I typically gather a few links, stories, photos each day. Most of the time, they get saved for later, as the time sensitive data and news stories get priority. So I end up with links, email, articles at home, in the office, on the laptop.

This makes it easy to gather all of the items I may want to post or save for posterity.

I also like the clean light Google inspired interface. I’m not sure what the business model is, other than ramping up subscribers and selling eyeballs.

The whole package is very, very clever.



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  1. lisa commented on Jul 1

    I’m going to guess they’ll sell the email addresses when they finally run out of cash.

  2. haileris commented on Jul 1

    All the cool kids use

  3. GRL commented on Jul 1

    There was once a brand of “penny candy” called “Mary Jane”?

    Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

  4. Rich Shinnick commented on Jul 1


    Hey, now you can spend more quality time with the family, ain’t technology wonderful!

    Productivity is gonna save America!

  5. Wayne commented on Jul 1

    now we can all be cool kids by going over to Barry’s posterous account to see tomorrow’s blog items today! :)

  6. Movie Guy commented on Jul 2

    Very cool, indeed, Brad.



  7. Garry Tan commented on Jul 2

    Thanks for the awesome promo! We’re excited to provide a new service. I’ve been a huge fan of The Big Picture for years now so it’s a great privilege for Barry to be using posterous.

  8. GreenAB commented on Jul 2

    thanks barry,

    looks good so far.
    is there a possibility to delete emailed stuff (not mentioned in the faqs) or will they just let you send and cut off at 1gb ?

  9. Tom Karlo commented on Jul 2

    Barry, don’t you think it’s at least time to shift over to a domain name you own yourself?

    Also, given that you’re using TypePad the easiest transition for your weblog is to Moveable Type. If done right, you can move there without breaking all of the links to your old posts, which is key. Achieving that on Posterous would like be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

    There is at least one plugin for MT that allows posting via email (Post Office).

    Given how many readers you have… why not just hire a good assistant (or two) in India or some other low cost center that you can email your post to and have them do the formatting, linking, etc and post to a Moveable Type setup (one advantage of MT is that it allows for multiple users posting, etc.)

    Posterous looks great and I think it’s a great idea but it seems more like a Tumblr service than something that a top 10-type weblog would find practical.

  10. Tom Karlo commented on Jul 2

    “would like be extremely difficult”

    ugh. embarassing. the result of re-editing in a tiny box.

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