Danielle Park: “Decoupling is a Buncha Bunk”

BNN interviews Danielle Park, portfolio manager, Venable Park Investment Counsel. I am having a hard time finding anything to disagree with her about!
(I am less bullish about the dollar as anything other than a short term
countertrend rally)

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Danielle has some terrific quotes in this piece:

"Sell Strength"

"Canada sells rocks and trees"

"Secular Bear in stocks started in 2000, Cyclical Bull began 2002 – 07, Cyclical Bear began in 2007."

"Its a fundamentally different climate than ’82-99"

"You cant buy always you cant hold always"

"Ignore day-to-day gyrations, focus on weekly and monthly trends"

Who is this lady? Why don’t we have more strategist like this in the US? She’s terrific!

Danielle Park’s Juggling Dyamite

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  1. Tony commented on Aug 22

    Of course, you forgot the best quote:

    “Keep your eye on The Big Picture”

    But you knew that one ;-)

  2. BG commented on Aug 22

    What a nice uncluttered delivery. I may end up watching BNN on the PC; since it isn’t available on cable.

    Anymore, I try to spend most of my time on financial information originating outside the US. Like a lot of people, I want to know what’s really going on, not just what some here want us to know on a daily basis.

    I will be checking this BBN Group out over the next few days.


  3. Andy Barnett commented on Aug 22

    The world could use more ladies like her. Please let us know when she is again on the air.

  4. dblwyo commented on Aug 22

    BG – highly recommended. They take their time with the interviews, the hosts actually know their stuff, their calm and judicious and the guests are informed, opinionated, informative. Learned more in the last couple of weeks watching them since Barry’s interview than ever on CNBC.

    Barry – can you get her phone number for me ? :)

  5. Mark commented on Aug 22

    7 year cycles written in stone? What a bunch of baloney

  6. JustinTheSkepic commented on Aug 22

    I think she’s mistaken about this cycle having the same linkage as past ones have. She seemed way too cheery – since we (the world) have not decoupled, and in fact, have “coupled,” creating one gigantic economy this one is going to take x-time to work its way out.

  7. Juhuti commented on Aug 22

    “We don’t decouple, we lag.” That was in reference to Canada’s economy. I’ve bookmarked them to check them out more often.

  8. Mattie commented on Aug 22

    Canada economy is more than rocks and trees. We also sell oil.

  9. Andy Tabbo commented on Aug 22

    I love the clear thinkers who just deliver the message cleanly and clearly. Although, I’m not as sure a final bottom is in on the U.S. Dollar.

    – AT

  10. Namazu commented on Aug 22

    Is it my imagination, or did she say we’re all in the same boot?

  11. Dave commented on Aug 22

    Canada sells rocks, sticks, and grease (and Blackberries-both kind)

  12. pointbite commented on Aug 22

    The losses in the Canadian financial sector are all due to money lent to Americans, not due to structural problems in the Canadian economy. That doesn’t mean there won’t be losses, but to compare Canada’s problems with the US is just ridiculous in my opinion. Canada is sound, and with global trade today what it is, there is no reason for Canada to be coupled with any one country. Don’t let the proximity to the US fool you, in case you haven’t seen a map in a few years Canada also has huge coastlines and many airports. It’s a mistake to assume Canada will lag this time exactly as they would have lagged years ago because Asians are now more than happy to suck up all those rocks, sticks and grease Americans can no longer afford. Oil burns just as easily in Asia.

  13. leftback commented on Aug 22

    I love it when women get Bearish.

  14. Simon commented on Aug 22

    Intelligence and integrity are very attractive characteristics.

  15. flipspiceland commented on Aug 23

    She exudes that one character trait that makes her analysis and recommendations so appealing: supreme self-confidence. That does not make her necessarily right on, and we’re not all in the same ‘boot’.

    I’ll take a flyer on her dollar bull recommendation and see what happens.

  16. nemo commented on Aug 23

    “Canada economy is more than rocks and trees. We also sell oil.”

    The “rocks” part of the economy includes oil. That’s why it’s called “petroleum” — “rock oil” in Latin.

  17. mike commented on Aug 23

    Canada sells oil. Who ever refers to it as rock or a tree leads me to believe they’ve got a hidden agenda, and is just another person not to trust.


    BR: Trees = Timber, Rocks = Minerals (shale, coal, etc.)

  18. KB commented on Aug 27

    Canadians are in their own world though when it comes to the Canadian market — they seem to think that Canada is immune to the problems overseas. Danielle’s strong views are refreshing. Here’s another site worth checking out:


  19. tkl commented on Sep 1

    I am not sure she is gonna be right. All cash or fixed income? give me a deep break. Those worthless papers invented by Al Greenspan can not save investors.

    Also, why can’t she recommend SDS to short this frick market??

    After all, gold will break $1k sooner than she thinks.

  20. Lawrence commented on Sep 19

    Canada may sell rocks and trees but such are the things infrastructure is made of. PS I am not canadian. In another interview she says the USA will be the first out of this current mess because they were the first in. This is flawed logic indeed. It takes no account of the relative strength of different markets and assumes all economies are on a level par. Canada and other economies will be ahead of the USA out of this mess precisely because they produce rocks and trees. A true measure of a country’s strength is what they produce. America has exported its manufacturing base to the Asian economies. Why do you think they are the up and coming economies? America is full of paper shufflers, lawyers and other service industries. This is not real wealth but parasitic wealth with no real foundation. Time will prove this to be true.

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