Debt Forgiveness

An instant Onion classic:


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  1. Jonathan commented on Aug 14

    How the Onion manages to be a comedy magazine yet still be spot-on with what they are talking about over and over is beyond me. The guys (and gals, I am sure) that work there are geniuses!

  2. BoogerHoller commented on Aug 14

    You know the ole sayin’:

    If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

    Same applies here.

  3. super-anon commented on Aug 14

    Hahaha… we give them our stuff so we can flip houses now we decide flipping houses isn’t so great and we want our stuff back.

  4. Eric Blood Axe commented on Aug 14

    My favourite was,”Our long nightmare of Peace and Prosperity is over”.

  5. vvi11 commented on Aug 14


  6. wisedup commented on Aug 14

    shouldn’t the bills from the wallet be currency with actual value — say like the rouble?

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