Going Down?

Tom Toles via WaPo:


Thanks, Gary!

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  1. manhattanguy commented on Aug 19

    Next stop – July 15th lows.
    Long and strong on SKF.

  2. Jay commented on Aug 19

    is the guy on the left holding a shovel or talking to a woman ?

  3. AGG commented on Aug 19

    The hiatus from reality from 1980 to the present is over.
    Perhaps we will see some prudence in the conduct of our affairs. I certainly hope so. We sure as hell don’t need more war pimping.
    What does war have to do with financial markets? EVERYTHING!

  4. Jim commented on Aug 20

    LOL @ Jay.

    Yes, he’s talking to himself about his shovel, because he has just realized that, where he is going, the proper tool is not a shovel, but a pitchfork, as shown on the right.

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