I.O.U.S.A. Movie Trailer

Looks like my kind of flick . . .

Official site:  IOUSA the Movie


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  1. me commented on Aug 5

    Junk economics.


  2. zwerdlds commented on Aug 5

    Yeah, it’s one thing to make a film that concerns itself with the national debt, the trade deficit, or any other number of economic indicators. The issue is, if the film covers both, it would do so in such a superficial light that it would be meaningless. And if the preview is any indication, it looks like it’s using them interchangeably, which is uninformative, confusing, and like the above poster, probably indicative of the film’s sensationalist, junky premise.

  3. ScottH commented on Aug 5

    I dunno, looks ok to me.

    Most Americans have not the faintest clue about this kind of thing. If this film gets even some of them out to the theater and up to speed on what (generally) is going on it’s a positive step.

    Junk economics? There is no other kind put forward by the mass media, and consumed by the average America. More like wake-up call. I’ll be going to see it. I think everyone in this country who votes should see it.

  4. Troy commented on Aug 5

    Speaking of debt, here’s a graph I made of household and govt debt, 1988-2008.

  5. rational commented on Aug 5

    Wow, I can’t believe my eyes. An article criticizing gubmint’s inflation calculation/reporting methodology in Newsweek? It is basic, but it is a start. Link: http://www.newsweek.com/id/150767

  6. Peter commented on Aug 5

    Anything that raises awareness of the problems must be good, even if it does only scrastch the surface.

  7. Jojo commented on Aug 5

    Wow, looks good!

    Needs to be freely distributed on the net though as I am not confident that the people that most NEED to see this movie will go to it if it doesn’t contain a lot of computer CGI and a high body count.

    Anyway, good release timing just before the conventions. Should help to drive the final nails into the Republican’s election coffin. [lol]

  8. JustinTheSkeptic commented on Aug 5

    We only can hope that the movie will somehow show how it all starts with those in the know, on Wall Street and in Washington choosing greed over prudence and then just sending it down the line – SIV’s, MBS’s, CDO’s,…..i.e. CRONIE CAPITALISM.

  9. Mike in NOLa commented on Aug 5

    Too depressing for me. I’m going to the Hummer dealer to cheer myself up.

  10. Dave commented on Aug 5

    This movie exposes the truth about our
    country’s financial predicament. I’ll go
    see it. When everyone gets word of
    our national debt crisis from the main
    stream media it will be too late to do

  11. Owner Earnings commented on Aug 5

    Awesome. Hope it’s in a theater near me.

  12. MAS (Seattle) commented on Aug 5

    Looks great. I’m going to get a cash advance on my credit card to buy a ticket. :)

  13. Mean Mister Mustard commented on Aug 5

    That looks pretty good: anything that makes the public think that these political choices matter is a step in the right direction. Even listening to Pete Peterson can’t be half bad.

  14. lunatic_fringe commented on Aug 5

    My guess is that Big Picture blog readers will be the only Americans who will see this flick.

  15. amrk commented on Aug 5

    no one would be watching this except Barry… the only way to reverse course for this economy is a central planning govt. where did i hear “those communists are the best capitalist around”

  16. patient renter commented on Aug 5

    It does look like it has potential, but I can’t help but be hesitant knowing that the man behind the movie is a big time one worlder.

  17. BustaMove commented on Aug 5

    Saw a lot of people from The Concord Coalition being interviewed (David Walker to name one). Check out their chart-porn from the Fiscal Wake Up Tour – scary s@#$


  18. Steve commented on Aug 5

    It’s funny how many people automaticlly discount the film because it was purchased by the Peterson Foundation. Pete didn’t have to “donate” $1 billion dollars of his money to start this foundation.

    I was at the debut of the movie in Vancouver the other week and thought the film was well done. It is narrated by one of my heroes, David Walker, who left the GAO to become the Fondation’s CEO. The film does a good job of explaining how this country got in its current poor financial position and in terms any non-financial person can understand. I have told everyone I know to see it. My hope is that it will be a wake-up call for this countrie’s citizens. If not for the sake of us, our children.

  19. the Deets commented on Aug 5

    Unfortunately, the financial sky is only crashing to mother earth when a Republican is in the White House. However, when it comes to spending money like a drunk sailor, G-Dub gives drunk sailors a bad name. Ask yourselves honestly, would this film have gotten any play in Sundance at the end of Clinton’s tenure? This massive debt is the direct result of the improper and therefore illegal ratification of the16th Amendment and ratification of the 17th. These oft forgotten tectonic shifts towards the consolidation of federal power have greatly increased the chances of state failure at the hands of an amerikuhn-politbureau that claims it is only acting in your best interest when time and time again it only proves otherwise(i.e. San Fran’s sanctuary policy as it relates to the senseless murders of Mr. Anthony Bologna and his two sons leaving a picnic.). Thankfully, The ‘Nine’ properly affirmed The ‘2nd’ as our Constitution’s ‘final guarantor,’ so to speak. Nanny-Statists were not amused and spun around on their ears spitting wooden nickels. What if Mr. Bologna had at the very least the legal right properly defend himself and his family? SF is not well known for its’ liberal latitude on gun-rights.
    But i subversively digress, the ponzi debt scheme we have for tax collection, SocSec, et al is in much worse shape than, Imho, this film states. The figure is closer to us all being on the hook for US$50-60 trillion as it stands now. I believe Hill apparachik-eese is the ol’ UNFUNDED-MANDATE/ENTITLEMENT. We are being bludgeoned with our bloody stump. The only factually reasoned, logical solution is the…


  20. John commented on Aug 5

    Why would we watch a movie about something we already know? I really want to go watch the 3rd reincarnation of batman. Obviously the vast majority of Americans are in favor of reducing the debt. Did someone say something about batman?

  21. Robin commented on Aug 8

    The movie is being shown in theaters across the U.S. in a one-night only event on August 21. The film will be followed by a live simulcasted town hall meeting with Pete Peterson, Dave Walker and Warren Buffett among others. After that, it will only be shown in selected cities. You can get your tickets now at http://www.fathomevents.com/details.aspx?eventid=728.

    I can’t wait to see this movie. All I can say is it’s about time! Hope people pay attention and hold the candidates responsible!

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