Lessons for Battered Investors

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Note that the original piece is here: Lessons Learned From A Dangerous Year


Three Lessons for a Battered Investor
Henry Blodget
Yahoo Tech Ticker Aug 13, 2008 07:30am EDT

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  1. GB commented on Aug 19

    It is different this time… It’s going to be painful for a lot of people.

  2. Douglas Watts commented on Aug 19

    Barry, I like your point that, in 2005, how much more could the rate of home building go up? At some point, barring massive immigration and 10 children families, even the most bullish person had to concede that home construction rates were unsustainably high.

    Ergo: It’s different this time !!!

  3. Stuart commented on Aug 19

    The third point you raised I thought particularly relevant as it ties into much of the motive behind the statements and measures made to date by public officials to uphold public confidence in the markets. Management of perception and upholding confidence is key even if statements to reassure fly in the face of fundamentals. It is more important than ever to look through these statements and assess objectively the underlying fundamentals.

  4. Sidney commented on Aug 19

    Hi Barry

    this market is driving me crazy. I have been short AMZN and Qualcomm for the past month.. WHen the market seems like it is getting battered- these 2 stocks seem so resilient.. Anybody figure this out?? These 2 companies have big problems yet go higher and higher. I thought we were in a consumer led recession? Or am I living in Disneyland?

  5. Penguin commented on Aug 19

    Well said! Independent thinkers, as a group, are the only group which has a shot at beating the market. Unfortunately, I do not have data to back this statement. It is my $0.02.

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