Then Something Bad Happened . . .

Your hedge fund was concentrated in WHAT?


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  1. Mike J commented on Aug 12

    Something bad happened to financials today. Wachovia got whacked after bumping there already massive quarterly loss by another $250MM due to charges associated with ARS settlements.

    What are the odds the SEC makes an emergency extension to the selective enforcement of the no naked short rule . . . 1:1 even money?

  2. Penguin commented on Aug 12

    “When you read contemporary accounts of booms or panics the one thing that strikes you most forcibly is how little either stock speculation or stock speculators today differ from yesterday. The game does not change and neither does human nature.” ~ Edwin Lefevre

  3. Mike in NOLa commented on Aug 12

    FWIW, there’s an interview on Bloomberg right now with someone from Trend Micro saying that Japanese companies will be looking to cut IT costs. While he’s bullish on his US sales because of the strong dollar, I can see the effect on the American tech companies may finally hit the Nasdaq 100.

    Of course, I’ve been saying this for awhile :)

  4. tedb commented on Aug 13

    Well, something good happened to SKF (ultrashort financials) today…

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