Comparing Fannie to Bear

Interesting video discussion by John Authers of the FT:

click for video:

via FT, September 8 2008,

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  1. blin commented on Sep 8

    Great comparison.

    It is sarting to look like the Bear Stearns bottom in march. Markets could rally 4-8 weeks from here, and that would mean that the markets hold up until the election.

    Objective acheived!

  2. wedwards commented on Sep 8

    Problem with that thinking, blin, is that the market in March was aggressively selling off because of Bear prior to the rescue. While there has been some skepticism regarding FRE/FNM recently, there hasn’t been what I would call a dramatic sell-off induced by the GSEs. Therefore, I don’t see a rebound being anywhere near as strong this time around.

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