Markets as Rorschach Tests: Dow up 400

Today’s silly market junk is this wingnut nonsense:

On the political front the polls have turned very swiftly against Sen. McCain, and we are certain that that is one reason why share prices plunged so easily yesterday, and why the US market led the way down even as markets around the world fell.


That is a classic example of selective perception. Its one of the reasons why market participants and many of the idiots known as economists should steer far far away from politics.

As we wrote back in January 2008:

Markets are not skittish because the incumbent party is in trouble –
that’s getting it ass-backwards. When the ruling party is in election trouble, its because the future discounting mechanism of markets is incorporating a slowing economy into its pricing.
Markets may be imperfect and subject to the excesses of crowd behavior,
but they eventually get the big picture correct. The current market
malaise reflects a recognition what is occurring in the

With the markets up 350 today, we will see that sort of thing turn very quiet very quickly. I guess we all Misunderestimated the Dow again.


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