Media Appearance: Bloomberg TV (09/05/08)


I’ll be on Bloomberg television at 2pm, discussing the weakening economy, today’s Employment data, and yesterday’s big 344 point whackage.

Should be fun!

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  1. CNBC Sucks commented on Sep 5

    Shamelessly opportunistic comment spam: VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA!

  2. Jim Haygood commented on Sep 5

    “the best living ex Fed Chairman” — not merely the BEST, but the ONLY one that was ever any good.

    The rest of them were worth exactly as much as the cotton-fiber paper on which their truckloads of counterfeit currency were printed … and were accorded a similarly arbitrarily-inflated value in the marketplace of ideas.

    Like Willie Sutton, Fed chairmen are professional thieves … but with PhDs. Printing money with nothing backing it is larceny; the act of a sociopath.

    The peasants of 18th century France had the good sense to run Johnny Law out of town. Credulous 21st century Americans give Helo Ben a corner office in the Eccles Building, as he systematically torches their purchasing power. But the suits and divas on TV say IT’S ALL LEGAL! And you have a choice of parties, both of which just LURVVVVE paper money.

    KA-CHING! Heads they win; tails we lose.

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