Quote of the Day: Emergency Planning

Every now and again, I say something to a journalist, and when I read it back, I say, "Hey, did I really say that? Gee, that’s pretty good." 

Yesterday was one of those days:

What should I do as an investor?

It’s tempting to make rash decisions in the face of such turmoil, but experts say such moves can often exacerbate your financial harm.
"When the plane is going down and the oxygen masks have dropped and parts of the plane are peeling off as you plummet toward the earth, that’s not the time to pull out the little card in the seat in front of you and say, ‘Gee, where are the emergency exits?’ " Ritholtz says. "Everybody should have an emergency plan. The time to make these decisions is not when people are running around with their hair on fire."

Q & A: What does the crisis mean for you?

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