Bullish Bears?

My pal Paul Kedrosky over at Infectious Greed discusses “notable market bears recently turned bullish. Granted, not all the
bears are of the perma- variant, and their bullishness is considerably more
nuanced than the fevered pom-pom shaking  you hear from the perma-bull side.”

Paul includes:

Jeremy Grantham (Quarterly letter)

Doug Kass (Real Money)

Barry Ritholtz (October 10)

To that I would add:

Warren Buffett (you don’t amass $46 billion in cash if you are bullish)

Ned Davis (Barron’s)

John Hussman (commentary)

Bill Fleckenstein

Mike Panzner (over dinner last week, and just for a trade)

Todd Harrison, Minyanville.com

No sign of Peter Schiff, David Tice, Michael Panzner, etc., but that admittedly may require considerably more than a mere 40+% year-over-year decline, a few major banks and brokers going down, etc.

Feel free to add to the list in comments — Bears who flipped bullish over the past few weeks . .  .


UPDATE: November 1, 2008

Add Steve Leuthold, Chairman, The Leuthold Group, to the group of Bears who flipped bullish in this week’s Barron’s interview — INTERVIEW:  A “Perma-Bear” Warms to Stocks Steve Leuthold, Chairman, The Leuthold Group

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