Campaign Finance Map: Monies Raised by Candidates

Fascinating graph of the candidates money raising this campaign cycle. What is so astounding this election cycle is not that John McCain trails Barack Obama in fund raising, but that he also trails Hillary Clinton: Obama $659.7m, Clinton, $249m, McCain $238.1m.

I posted a bunch-o-election related graphs, polls, charts, tables, etc. over in digital media.

There is an interesting debate here amongst those who blame Bush for McCain’s campaign woes: Was it the money raising, or was it Bush?  I suggest an alternative view: Both. The negative effect of W. hampered the McCain campaign’s ability to raise funds.

Regardless, the GOP nominee trailing BOTH the Democrat’s nominee, and the 2nd place Democratic candidate in money raising — that’s simply amazing to me.

John McCain:

via NYT

Map Graphs of all the candidates fund raising are here.

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