10 Dirty Wall Street Tricks

Another classic Paul Farrell rant — the 10 “dirty tricks” Wall Street lobbyists likely will use to help jump-start a new bull market:

  1. Gridlock helps the rich get richer
  2. No Glass-Steagall revival
  3. Keep rating agencies ‘official’
  4. Limit new derivative regulations, keep ‘shadow banking’ alive
  5. Offload toxic debt into a government-owned ‘bad bank’
  6. Support executive pay limits — in public, anyway
  7. Create accounting standards loopholes
  8. No limitations on SEC hiring
  9. Invest heavily in lobbying
  10. Major PR brainwashing: Yes, yes, a new bull is coming!>

He raises many interesting and valid points; go read the entire angry screed.


10 dirty tricks to jump-start a new bull, fast!
How Wall Street lobbyists, PR hot shots will limit reform, brainwash America
Paul B. Farrell
MarketWatch, Feb. 9, 2009

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