Top 10 Financial Crises

Here is yet another click-whoring festival, this time spread over 3 pages (it would have been 10 on CNN/Money’s pages).

Top 10 Financial Crises

10. The Panic of 1907: The fourth so-called ”panic” in 34 years.
9. The Mexican Peso Crisis 1994 aka “The December Mistake” Punta !
8. Argentine economic crisis – 1999 If you have no money, is it a good idea to print more?
7. German hyperinflation – 1918-24 If you have to print a 1,000-billion Mark note, you probably have too much inflation.
6. Souk Al-Manakh – 1982 Try not to use post dated to buy stocks
5. Black Monday – 1987 Can we call a 23% drop in a single day a black swan?
4. Russian financial crisis – 1998 devaluation of the ruble and cancellation of debt is never good for a local stock market.
3. East Asian financial crisis – 1997 aka the Asian Contagion
2. Black Tuesday – 1929 — Really? One day, and not the entire Great Depression?
1. 1973 Oil Crisis — Big energy increases cause recessions


Top 10: Financial Crises
Ross Bonander
Entertainment Correspondent [WTF?!?]

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