New Form of Activist Investing

Activist investing became very common in the last few years where investors took stakes in sleepy companies, pushed for change to create VALUE, some worked and some didn’t. Of course, some also was just for short term gains without long term benefits. We now have a new form of activist investing created in Washington, invest in companies and then work to wreck them and destroy the investment. $180B of taxpayer money has been invested so far in the 8 banks that have received more than $5B of TARP money and politicians are making sure to do their best that not only will we not see a return on the investment, we may not see a return of the investment and will destroy thousands of jobs in the process. The US Constitution has also been chopped up into pieces. I get into this because of the ramifications it has on investor confidence and the desire of the private sector to help with the programs of the Fed and Treasury to AID the credit markets.

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