Update: Santelli Stares Down Playboy


On Saturday night, I referenced an interesting accusation from Playboy against CNBC:  They claimed that the now infamous Santelli rant was a plant.  (Rick Santelli’s Planted Rant ?)

As I noted then:

I have no insight as to whether this is true or not — but it certainly deserves a serious response from both Santelli and CNBC.  If its false, then they should say so, and demand an apology from Playboy. But if any of it is true, well then, Santelli may have to fall on his sword, and CNBC may owe the public an apology. I am VERY curious if there is any truth to this.

Today, NY Mag reported that Playboy pulled the piece (insert your own bad pun here). The Daily Bail also had a few words to on the subject: We Stand Accused Of Having Fake Boobs. Megan McArdle at The Atlantic had the most persuasive fisking of the original piece I’ve seen.

I emailed Santelli earlier about Playboy dropping the post, but haven’t heard back yet.

The dropping of the accusatory piece suggests at best, the author could not back up their assertions. At worst, their accusations were false. Regardless, as the screen grab above shows, its now down.

The IMs are abuzz that CNBC’s legal team barked at Playboy, threatening litigation and Playboy quickly folded.

Fascinating development . . .


UPDATE:  March 2, 2009 7:17pm

Rick Santelli has posted a response to Playboy on the CNBC site:

“First of all let me be clear that I have NO affiliation or association with any of the websites or related tea party movements that have popped up as a result of my comments on February 19th, or to the best of my knowledge any of the people who organized the websites or movements. By the way of background, I am not and never have been a stockbroker. Not that there is anything wrong with being a stockbroker. The home I have lived in for 20 years is a 2,500-square foot ranch. Not that there is anything wrong with owning a larger, grander house. I am currently an on air editor with CNBC. Prior to my 10 years in this capacity I was a member in good standing on both the Chicago Futures Exchanges. My career in the futures industry spanned 20 years.

Anyone who has watched my thousands of appearances on CNBC is well acquainted with my aggressive and impassioned style. Over the next several days CNBC.com will put up some of my other passionate broadcasts of the past. Since joining CNBC in 1999 I have not traded the markets in any capacity. As a financial reporter I have never shied away from trying to promote discourse and dialogue of the important issues that affect markets and therefore our lives.”

(continued here)


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