Huzzah! Bailout Nation is Done!

I am done!

(No, really, this time I am serious. Really!).

The chapter PDFs are in, the legal review is over, the artwork is finalized.

In a bizarre way, McGraw Hill did me a huge favor. Not just because they generated a bunch of publicity — the version of the book that was submitted as of December is already out of date, and incomplete.

The new (Wiley) version is updated to include everything that occurred over the past 4 months. Not only that, but I got to take another pass at the text — tightening up the prose, restructuring the content, fleshing out ideas that were only touched upon as of 2008.

Plus, the really cool new cover!

I am working on getting some excerpts posted (any major magazines interested, please contact me). In May/June, I am sure I will be doing lots of promotion (I especially hope  to do Bill Moyers, Charlie Rose, and The Daily Show and Google Authors).


Now, I need me a frickin’ vacation.

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