Paint it Black: Avoiding the Financial Beast of Burden in 2009 and Beyond


Paint it Black” is all about red — the mountain of debt challenging the viability of all the nation’s institutions. James Poterba takes a scholarly approach to moderating this detailed discussion of the unfolding economic collapse, its ramifications on business and the possible impact of governmental remedies.

“From the standpoint of economic analysis,” says Poterba, “this appears to be a once-in-a -generation or perhaps longer global storm.” He expands on this statement throughout, with forays into macroeconomics, credit and equity markets, the tools historically and currently wielded by government to interfere with economic crises, and an occasional joke (at the expense of economists). He engages his speakers in their areas of expertise.

February 25, 2009
Running Time: 1:29:07
Moderator: James Poterba; Alan Cohen ’82; David Tabak ’90

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