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I did an extensive interview with Kate Welling this week:

Barry Ritholtz, author of the recently published, “Bailout Nation, How Greed and Easy Money Corrupted Wall Street and Shook the World Economy,”is not a man to mince words. For one thing, he doesn’t have time. Writing is a sideline to his day job as CEO and research director of FusionIQ, an online quantitative research firm and money manager, running about $100 million, long and short, mainly for high net worth individuals. Besides, as the proprietor of a popular financial blog, The Big Picture, he has been chronicling the foibles and follies of financial man for a number of years now and well, just doesn’t suffer fools. His readers know him for clear explorations of even the densest of topics and for honest vitriol when he comes across self-dealing and worse.

There is plenty of both clear prose and pungent language in “Bailout Nation,” as it explores, in gory detail, where we’ve gone wrong in finance and in society. Not to mention, who done it.

My time between its pages left little doubt that Barry, whose legal training at New York’s Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law focused on economics, anti-trust and corporate law, has more than a few ideas about what should be done.

So when the unveiling of the Obama Administration’s regulatory reform proposals left me asking, “Is that all there is?” I immediately put in a call to Barry.

I wasn’t disappointed. Listen in.

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