MBA/Higher interest rates=lower mortage originations

After the note I just sent on the Fed, the MBA said that after raising its forecast for mortgage originations by over $800b in March after the Fed’s QE plan and the subsequent decline in interest rates, they are cutting its ’09 est by $700b. 88% of the cut is due to refi’s as the Fed “has not been successful in maintaining lower treasury yields.” In March when they raised their estimate they had this caveat, “with the billions in Treasury securities that would be issued to finance record budget deficits and with the Fed expected to purchase only a portion of those, how long rates stayed low would depend on whether other investors stayed in the market. If other investors shied away from Treasuries due to expectations of future inflation and the declining value of the $, the effect on rates would be more short-lived and our mortgage originations forecast would prove too optimistic.” “That has proven to be the case.”

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