10 Links (Friday Edition)

Last 10-er of the week: These are the 10 most interesting things I spotted today.

Bottom Lines Buoy Rebound Hopes: Though Profits Are Still Weak, Cost Cuts, Overseas Demand Help Many Companies Find Footing (WSJ)• CNBC Viewership Down 28% (ZeroHedge)  According to Nielsen, CNBC has lost 28% of viewers year over year.  I will have more on this next week . . .

Bankers’ Bonuses Beat Earnings as Industry Imploded The nation’s nine largest banks handed out $32.6 billion in bonuses last year even as they ran up more than $81 billion in losses and accepted billions of dollars in emergency federal aid, New York Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo says in a report released Thursday. (Washington Post)  see also It’s Still Good To Be A Banker (The Atlantic)

The Great Recession is Over! Long Live the Ordinary Recession . . . (The Big Picture) I try not to do this, but damn, that was a good hedline

Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies (MacroMan) Misrepresentation in corporate earnings statements is rife; according to S&P, of the 197 SPX companies to report this quarter, only a quarter have actually earned the number reported in the headlines. Fully 63.5% stuffed “one-off” or “extraordinary” items in their income statements, while only 24 of the 197 had reported earnings that were higher than headline operating earnings.• Former Tres Secy Hank Paulson Joins Electric-Car Startup As Advisor (Green Car Reports)

Spinning in the Grave: The three biggest reasons music magazines are dying: Readership’s down, advertising’s down, the old guard has been slow in adapting to the Internet. (Slate)

eBay May Shut Skype Over Licensing Dispute

Artist Sues Random House Over Use Of Wall St Bull Image The artist who created Wall Street’s famed “Charging Bull” statue sued Random House and the authors of a recently released book on the collapse of investment bank Lehman Brothers over their use of an image of the bull.  (Dow Jones)  Wait, you mean you can’t do that . . . ?

• By now, you likely have seen the JK Wedding Entrance Dance (if not watch the video, it is charming). But you probably have not yet seen what happens 6 months later:  JK Divorce Entrance Dance.

Enjoy your weekend!

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