Spontaneous Crowd Chorus

Leaving the Paul McCartney concert — fantastic show, BTW — at CitiField (NYC), the oddest thing happened:  I was heading to the trains, shuffling along with this immense post show crowd. To get to my train, I have to go up a long wide flight of stairs, then thru an enclosed above ground elevated subway station where the 7 line runs. The multitudes were slowly moving thru the mass transit walkways like cows being led to slaughter.

In the midst of this, a small group of people began singing “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

Just 3 or 4 at first. Then a few others joined them, then a few more. In a matter of seconds — less than a full verse — 100s were singing. Next thing you know THE ENTIRE CROWD IS SINGING TOGETHER.

It was surreal, like in a movie where people spontaneously break out into song.

Damnedest thing you ever saw…


UPDATE: July 20, 2009 5:20pm

Here is a clip of the moment, via John Mauldin

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