Tuesday Clickage

Tuesday clickage — quite a few items from around the web:

Michael Lewis amusingly opinesBashing Goldman Sachs Is Simply a Game for Fools Its important to remember, the vampire squid doesn’t feed on human flesh. (Bloomberg)
Related to the above: We Fear What We Don’t Understand (Kid Dynamite’s World)

The Great Recession: A Downturn Sized Up:  What makes the current recession so bad? Other downturns have been more painful by some measures, but none since World War II has delivered so many severe blows to the economy at the same time. Already it is the longest. (WSJ)

Fed Has Few Fans, Poll Finds (CBS News)

Stock markets are rising even as the economy bombs – what’s going on? Ultimately, stock markets are driven by the outlook for corporate earnings. A number of US companies have surprised on the upside in their most recent results, though it is fair to say that quite a few others have disappointed. None the less, this renewed focus on the positive is in itself an encouraging sign. Stock market values are determined as much by sentiment as underlying realities. As such, they frequently get things hopelessly wrong. (Telegraph)

What does it mean when Insiders are selling (Marketwatch)

Floyd Norris writes: Politicians Accused of Meddling in Bank Rules: Accounting rules did not cause the financial crisis, and they still allow banks to overstate the value of their assets, an international group composed of current and former regulators and corporate officials said in a report to be released Tuesday. (NYT)


A Fed Inflation Hawk Speaks: “I think we will probably have to begin raising rates sometime in the not-too-distant future,” Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia President Charles Plosser  (Fox Business)

U.S. Issues New Rules on Short-Selling (WSJ)

Why Don’t Lenders Renegotiate More HomeMortgages? Redefaults, Self-Cures, and Securitization Servicers have been reluctant to renegotiate mortgages since the foreclosure crisis started in 2007, having performed payment-reducing modifications on only about 3 percent of seriously delinquent loans (Boston Fed)

A Golden Age for Venture Capital (Dealbook)

In Battle, Hunches Prove to Be Valuable: High-tech gear, while helping to reduce casualties, remains a mere supplement to the most sensitive detection system of all — the human brain.  (NYT)

FINRA on Leveraged and Inverse ETFs (PDF)

Drowning Endowments Leave Tuition Money Stuck Underwater (Bloomberg)

Apple targets new player revolution (FT) Video (Bloomberg)

A Quest for Batteries to Alter the Energy Equation: R&D has to tweak the chemistry of devices and improve the manufacturing process, bolstering the batteries’ capabilities. Prices have to come down — a problem that is far more daunting when it comes to batteries for vehicles and the grid (NYT)

Was Moore’s Law Inevitable? (The Technium)

Frickin Hysterical: William Shatner reads Palin’s resignation speech, as poetry (Conan O’Brien)

• Finally, the Irrational Exuberance Matrix

Anything else clickworthy?

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