Tuesday Linkage

Tuesday linkage  — something for everyone:

•  Bernanke Disarms Lawmakers With Garage Meetings, Credit Repairs (Bloomberg) see also Bernanke Heads to Congress Battling Calls to Tame the Fed (WSJ)

Are Manufacturers Also Too Big to Fail? (NYT)

At N.Y. Fed, Blending In Is Part of the Job: Some Fear Wall Street Too Heavily Influences The Financial Enforcer  (Washington Post)

Why Japan Isn’t Rising (Newsweek)

Distressed Assets Market and FDIC Closures (Real Property Alpha)

Morgan Stanley’s Albatross: Real Estate (WSJ)

Bailout Overseer Says Banks Misused TARP Funds (Washington Post)• Is Something Wrong with Certain Kinds of Trading? (Cassandra Does Tokyo)

Patternicity: Finding Meaningful Patterns in Meaningless Noise (Scientific American)

Yahoo to Launch New Homepage (WSJ)

10 Worst Evolutionary Designs (Wired)

Why did I miss — anything linkworthy?

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