After Twitter, Comes Grunter, Then Grimacer

Recently, I had a chat with some people about Twitter.

I occasionally use it. I appreciate the instantaneous communication of micro bursts of info, but cannot help but wonder if its part of a culture of dumbing everything down. All nuance, all subtlety, all fine lines of discussion get lost in 140 characters.

Like the people who read newspaper headline but not the articles, I wonder if this is a form of Orwellian Newspeak.  War is Peace, and apparently, Less is More.

Perhaps this is just the first step. The text based Twitter will be replaced with an audio based “Grunter.”  Rather than spend a full 140 characters, you have your choice of 10 gutteral grunts registering surprise,  anger, sadness, joy, etc.

Then we can move to the next phase: Grimacer. Just pictures depicting how you feel.

You read it here first . . .

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