Monday: 10 Links

Helping to make your Mondays a little bit brighter: 10 Links:

Waves of euphoria engulf Wall Street (Irish Times)

Fed Won’t Raise Rate Till 2011, Pimco’s McCulley Says (Bloomberg)

Exit the Car Czar (New York Mag)

Greenspan: ‘We’ve already seen the bottom’ (ABC) This should scare you, given the maestro’s forecasting track record.

Rescues Unlimited: Government as Wall Street’s Enabler (Sunday NYT)

“Liar Loans” – RIP – October 1, 2009 (Mortgaged Future)

U.S. Recession Worst Since Great Depression, Revised Data Show (Bloomberg) File this under Duh!

Washington Post: The Death of Journalism (Gawker Edition)

Health Bill Clears Hurdle and Hints at Consensus (NYT)

How Long Did It Take for the World to Identify Google as an AltaVista Killer (Technologizer)

Its August — better get the last of your summer plans in order !

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