Saturday 10 Links

Some leftover links from the past week:

For Group of Skeptics, the Truth Is Out There:  Corporate conspiracy theorists, whistle-blowers and suspicious financial minds long have struggled to get an audience for accusations of business fraud.

Tudor Investment Calls Stock Gain a Bear-Market Rally (Bloomberg)

Looking at Wall Street Pay Our last weekend discussion generated lots of good debate

You Do Not Have Health Insurance (Baseline Scenario)

Data Mining Isn’t a Good Bet For Stock-Market Predictions (WSJ)

Banks Reopen Global Casino (Spiegel)

You can do anything – but not everything. (FastCompany)

A French Revelation, or The Burning Bush (Secular Humanism) see also Ten Ways to Judge a President (Wharton)

Evolution’s third replicator: Genes, memes, and now what? (New Scientist)

The enormous absurdity of nature (Craphound)

Enjoy the weekend!

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