The Recession Is Over! Or Is It?


The Recession Is Over! Or Is It? Forget the unemployment rate remains north of 9% and foreclosures are near all-time highs; the recession is over!The Conference Board said Thursday that its index of leading indicators rose 0.6% in July – its fourth consecutive gain – suggesting the economy has bottomed and the recession will end this summer, if it hasn’t already.That’s right, the recession may already be over. Ken Goldstein, the Conference Board’s economist, says gross domestic product may be positive this quarter.Barry Ritholtz, CEO of FusionIQ and author of Bailout Nation, believes things have improved but he’s not ready say we’re healed. “After hell, purgatory isn’t so bad,” he jokes.

The Recession Is Over! Or Is It?
Aaron Task
Yahoo TechTicker, Aug 21, 2009 11:30am EDT!-Or-Is-It

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