Countrywide Routinely Destroyed Records It Was Required to Save

Ooops! This is not good:

“Bank of America and Countrywide Home Loans destroyed mortgage documents, and “recreate” them by “insert(ing) data as they see fit,” to cover up their own failure to keep records – or their fraud – according to a federal RICO class action.

“To cover up the servicing mistakes and fraud and misrepresentation in the servicing of a consumer escrow, Defendants ‘recreate’ letters, insert data as they see fit, and fail to produce the entire HUD complaint form. This way, a consumer is left in the dark about the fraud that occurred to them,” the complaint states.

Lead plaintiff Kim Gorham says that when she sent a letter seeking information about her escrow account, she was informed that it had been “destroyed by a letter opener.” She says that getting a “clear and concise” statement from the defendants has been an “impossible task.”

My assumption is this is primarily via Countrywide prior to BofA’s acquisition (anyone know?)

Corporate Ethics: An apparent contradiction in terms . . .


Class Claims Lender Destroyed Records
CourtHouse News, October 22, 2009

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