The Weekend’s Shopping Experiences

It is the weekend, and I am minding my own business, sitting in front of the computer, watching Kramer’s entrances repeatedly, when Missus Big Picture calls: “Wanna meet us at Century 21? You need a raincoat.”

In fact, I do need a raincoat — so I jump in the car, and meet the girls at the store.

I get to the parking lot — and its jammed. I find a spot as far from the store as geometrically possible, and head in. Its pretty busy. I make a bee line to the ties (nothing that is a must have), pick up a bunch of socks and underwear (I can now go 3 months without doing laundry), do not buy the stinky Bulgari cologne — try a few shirts on, none of them slay me. I do find a big ass umbrella and a very nice raincoat.

I start talking to one of the sales guys: “Crowded, huh?”

“Its the weekend.” he replies.

“Whats it like the rest of the week?”

“A morgue.”

I thank him, and check out the story with a stock clerk and cashier — they verify it.

I start noting what every store we go into is like — they are all sparsely filled:  Filene’s Basement and Lord & Taylor had some action, PC Richards was slow; Daffys was modest. The Door Store was empty, Smith & Hawken’s going out of business sale was not very busy; Drexel Heritage is already out of business. The Infinity and Honda dealers were both quiet.

The one exception? The brand new Apple Store in Manhasset — it was totally jammed.


What did you notice this weekend?

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