Friday Linkfest

Some reading for a Friday afternoon:

Is Gold a six thousand year-old bubble? (FT)

Market Ignorance is Bliss (The

The Real Danger of ‘One Big Regulator’ (WSJ) What if those in control don’t believe in oversight?

The ‘Real’ Unemployment Rate (Market Talk)

Corporate insiders betting on the rally continuing (Marketwatch)

As Shipping Slows, Banks and Carriers Fear Loan Defaults (NYT)

The Biggest Wall Street Conspiracies (Big Money)  I disagree with the oil conspiracy, for reasons enunciated here.

• A bailout twofer:

A decade after Glass-Steagall’s repeal, it’s time to reverse Sandy Weill’s legacy (Daily Finance)

J.P. Morgan’s Dimon Takes On Washington’s Big Bank Critics (Real Time Economics) — We shoulda let Bear fail, just to see the cocky Dimon scramble to cover trillions in derivative exposure.

After Bankruptcy, G.M. Struggles to Shed a Legendary Bureaucracy (NYT)

Google to Newspapers: learn how to use Robots.txt (Inquisitr)

The Art Market Shows Signs of Life (WSJ)

The graph the record industry doesn’t want you to see (Times Online) Record labels may be in trouble, but musicians are doing relatively fine…

What are YOU reading?

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