Microsoft Store “Spontaneously” Erupts in Synchronized Clapping

There are so many thing here that require an ass whupping I just don’t know where to begin:

• Why is there even such a thing as a Microsoft Store?
• Is this an example of their innovation?
• Why is the staff being forced to clap rhythmically — did they all do something wrong? Is this how they get punished?
• What is with the tonnage? Is there a free Cinnabon store next door? They seem to average 260+.

Look, I am not an Apple fanboy (though this is being written on a MacBook Pro and I hate to be just be a Mister Softee hater, but damn if this isn’t some bizarre combination of Lame X 10 and hysterical.

What was wrong with having a insanely profitable, widely reviled monopoly? Don’t go getting all warm and fuzzy on us — you are supposed to just mint money.

Instead, you have given the world a new formula for Humor:  Microsoft + Attempts to be Hip = Comedy Gold!


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