Monday Catch Up Readings

After being away for a few days, here are some items that look interesting:

Dollar Slump Persisting as Top Analysts See No Bottom (Bloomberg)

Wall Street’s Spin Game (NYT)

How to shrink the banks (Prospect)

Unsustainable Path (Market Talk)

Riding the Waves (Time) A look at Prechter’s theory of social cycles.

U.S. Mortgage Delinquencies Reach a Record High (NYT)

Investors are finally seeing the nonsense in the efficient market theory (Telegraph)

Revisiting a Fed Waltz With A.I.G. (NYT)

The world still can learn from Keynesian economics (LA Times)

• The Big Red Fez: How To Make Any Web Site Better (Book)

A Recession-Friendly (cheap) Email Device (WSJ)

•  Thousands of strange creatures found deep in ocean (SF Chron)

What are you reading?

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