Cramer on Meet the Press ?!?

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Jim Bianco comments

Cramer was on Meet The Press yesterday with Alan Greenspan, Mitt Romney and Jennifer Granholm. About halfway into the discussion, he said:

The CEOs I talk to, they’re hiring. They’re hiring in Brazil, they’re hiring in Russia, China. Why are they hiring in those countries? Because it’s steady, we know what to get from the government. It’s a rather — it’s rather quizzical that we know what the Communists will give us but we don’t know what the capitalists will give us.

Let us get this straight, in corrupt and Communist countries companies are hiring. They have transparency … that the government can nationalize your company whenever they want and execute you if you complain. Here we are paralyzed because we don’t know whether our tax rate will be 40% or 42% next year.

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