You’ve Been Binged

Alt headline: WTF Is This Bing Icon Doing on My BlackBerry ?

I haven’t seen much on this anywhere in the media: Most of my office suddenly noticed today that these damn Bing icons things on their BlackBerrys. And, you cannot delete the sticky little buggers (but you can hide it). If you want to use Google, there is no longer any app for that — you have to go to

Apparently, this began getting rolled out back in November. It seemed to have gone wide recently.

I am totally offended by the latest stupidity of Verizon: I’m not sure who to be more upset at: Microsoft, for wanting to hijack my mobile device, or Verizon, for giving them permission. I used to think Mister Softee epitomized evil, but it now looks like they have a little buddy.

And in true Microsoft fashion, a spate of problems have come along with this new Icon. Are they related? I don’t know, but it sure as hell wouldn’t surprise me.

Time to go open source — this could be the greatest thing for competitors to these two behemoths ever . . .


You can file an FCC complaint here

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