Amazon Multiple DVD/CD Glitch

I have an odd problem.

Most birthdays and holidays, I seem to end up with a pile of media — CDs, DVDs, other forms of digital recording. Much of these goods come from Percentages being what they are, some of the discs are damaged.


Californication Season One Disc 1 plays really poorly — freezes, doesn’t advance, skips — its a bad recording  (Having seen the first 6 episodes on Showtime, I bought the DVD for my wife, and for the next 6 to catch up with season 2).

Marvin Gaye’s The Master 1961 1984 Box Set as soon as I got the set, I ripped it. But I didn’t notice  Disc one (of 4) has only one channel; the other 3 are fine.

Californication was apparently a wide-spread production problem, and Amazon refunded the discs despite the purchase being made on November 11, 2009 and the discs open (The return window closes on January 31, 2010). Amazon gave me a hard time about replacing Disc 1 of the Marvin Gaye Box Set.

For the holidays, I received the Curb Your Enthusiasm full set, and BBC’s The Planet with David Attenborough (an 11-part series shot entirely in high-definition — the video is spectacular) I cannot possibly watch/listen to all of this stuff within 60 days of receipt. Half the stuff I buy for myself is for future usage, and the gifts are sometimes not reviewed for many months. For the holidays, I gave a managing director at our firm the Family Guy – The Total World Domination Collection — 23 DVDs. He has an other 5 weeks left to finish checking it out.

Short of hiring someone to preview all of my digital media, or becoming a torrent phreak, is there any sort of solution to these production errors of digital products?

Any ideas how best to handle this?

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