Led Zep Market Analysis

Numerous Wall Street analysts, strategists, and economists over the years have managed to laden their commentary with references to their favorite bands, songs, sports teams, etc.

It is all but unavoidable: Assume the average age of the senior echelons of most research departments are age 50-60; That leads us to a top level of management who all came of age during the 1960s & ’70s — quite a prolific and influential period for music. (Most of them probably wouldn’t have passed the industry mandated urine test back when they were in college)

Which brings us to today’s tidbit: An extended Led Zeppelin reference-fest in the market commentary by Bernie McSherry of Cuttone & Co. It includes paragraphs such as this one:

“Corporate guidance has been positive in recent months and assuming that there hasn’t been a widespread communication breakdown, analyst expectations of a 184% YOY increase in profits for the S&P 500 should be exceeded. Banking stocks in particular should lead the way, however, if Alcoa’s disappointing report is any indication of what we can expect, this earnings season may turn out to be a heartbreaker.”

I spy 2 Zep songs in that paragraph alone, 7 in the article all told (see first comment for my short list). Did I miss any?

Hat tip Paul, Dow Jones Market Talk


Is She Buying the Stairway To Heaven?
Bernie McSherry
Cuttone & Co., January 12, 2010

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