Most Influential Journalists (by Political Orientation)

On a lazy expiration Friday, you can either spend time on the Tiger nonsense, or you can surf the web looking for chartporn and other good time killing stuff.

I chose the latter.

Consider these two lists via Tunku Varadarajan. I met him some time ago (thru Paul Kedrosky) when he was managing editor of the WSJ OpEd page. I have spoken to his NYU Stern Business School Journalism class a few times over the years.

Tunku, writing at The Daily Beast, takes a look at the 25 “most influential Liberal/Conservative journalists” by their political orientation.

I found these two to be very interesting lists:

The Left’s Top 25 Journalists

The Right’s Top 25 Journalists

Each individual has a short bio/political bonafides if you click thru to them.

Even though there is plenty to disagree about with the inclusion and order, its still rather intriguing.

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