Monday Linkage

Some reading material you may find interesting:

• Apple, Wal-mart, and the “Market Capitalization Bigger Than” Thing (Infectious Greed)
• L.A. becomes a test case in battle to undo interest rate swap deals (LATimes)
• Special Interest (New Yorker) The private-equity fund manager’s tax dodge
• Our money laureate. (The Big Money)
• No one can stop Mr. Slim, the worlds richest man (Business management)
• China May Face ‘Massive’ Bank Bailouts After Stimulus Program (Bloomberg)
Politics, shaky economy create no rush to restructure Fannie and Freddie (Washington Post)
• Who are the Online Publishing Companies That Matter? (Permuto)
• 26 Gigapixel Photos of Paris (Image) Try zooming in as far as it will let you…

What are you reading?

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