Monday Links

Some interesting reading material for your Monday afternoon pleasure:

• New York Fed Warehousing Junk Loans On Its Books: Examiner’s Report (Huff Po)
• Sentiment’s dark cloud (Marketwatch)
Buh-Bye: Finra shuts down GunnAllen (Investment News)
• Where Does U.S. Foreign Aid Go? (Economix)
• High-End Repo Men (WSJ) We’ve discussed this topic before
• Panasonic 3-D TVs Sell Out as ‘Avatar’ Technology Reaches Homes (Bloomberg)
• Google tries a route around Chinese Web censorship (Salon)
• Snopes: The Mom-And-Pop Site Busts The Web’s Biggest Mythbusters (NPR)
• Natural Disaster and Extreme Weather Information Center (ebrary)
• YouTube’s Chief Counsel calls out Viacom for being lying weasels (YouTube official blog)

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